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02/10/2011 § 17 Comments

I’ve been bag-making over the last few days …

Rust Shoulder Bag

Black Wool Shoulder bag

I designed and made some handbags earlier in the year and received lovely comments about them.  This time, I’ve designed a shoulder bag.   I move around a bit with my textile passions so, last week it was scarecrows and quilts and this week it’s bags!  I do like a bag that’s pretty on the inside too …

and must have pockets for phone, pens, notebooks etc etc etc etc!

I’ve been raiding my stash of wools and corduroys to make these – how I LOVE LOVE LOVE wools!

All my October calendar pictures are bringing out the homebird in me and I want to make the house warm & cosy, but all the windows are open and I’m in a summer skirt and no cardi!

I brought in an autumny handful of blooms this morning, just to remind me that it’s OCTOBER ALREADY – despite the thermometer telling me it’s June!

Kitchen table

Now there’s a tidy corner of the kitchen table!  The sale catalogue from yesterday, still fairly pristine, not well-thumbed like my usual auction catalogues.  No sooner had I brought them in than I had to take the flowers outside again ‘cos it wasn’t bright enough in the kitchen for a decent photo!

That’s more like it!

Love that vase – one of a pair found in a charity shop the other day for the princely sum of £4.50 – for the pair!!!

A quick catch up on weekend news – a bit of a disappointment yesterday.  The rural auction – a biannual event held in a field in the midst of Hampshire – was not what it used to be.  I haven’t been for a few years and when we drew up mid-morning, we found a surprisingly small crowd gathered around the auctioneer.  The lots were quite interesting and I took some photos that I’ll share later in the week.

My saddle came home again – thank goodness I put a reserve on it!  To tell the truth – I’m really pleased it’s back.  HF is slightly worried that a horse will appear – just the right size for the saddle (it’s usually the other way round, in my experience) – but never say never!

Off to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts – maybe a trip out in Dolly later.  “Dolly?” I hear you ask – well you’ll have to pop back to meet her too and no, she doesn’t have 4 legs!

Pop over to see what we’ve all be up to this week at Wendy’s blogspot and Handmade Monday.  A week of solid evening sewing awaits me – 2 fairs next weekend – Alton on Saturday and Blackmoor Apple Day on Sunday and undoubtedly some more bags.  I may not be around next Sunday night to post so …

enjoy it while it lasts, the sun’s still shining brightly here …

Adaliza x

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Jingle Jangle …

25/09/2011 § 15 Comments

The Jingle Jangle Scarecrow


When all the cows were sleeping
And the sun had gone to bed,
Up jumped the scarecrow
And this is what he said:

“I’m a Jingle Jangle Scarecrow
With a flippy-floppy hat.
I can shake my arms like this,
I can shake my legs like that.”

When all the hens were roosting,
And the moon, behind a cloud.
Up jumped the scarecrow,
And shouted very loud:



Now go on – you can’t tell me you don’t love scarecrows!

You may remember that I made a scarecrow cushion a few weeks ago and then forgot to pop the memory card into my camera.  Silly me!  That particular scarecrow is crossing the Atlantic very soon, where it will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas! But I don’t have a photo of him (or her)!

So …

Jingle Jangle Scarecrow

Jingle Jangle Scarecrow

I thought I’d better get busy and run up another one!  JJ Scarecrow will be blowing all the way to Blackmoor Apple Day, down on the farm, in a couple of weeks!

Noticing the mince pies on the shelves at the local store, I also thought that I’d join in with a bit of a frolic in the festive department …

Festive Fun Quilt

Festive Fun quilt

The cheery arrangement of colours seems to work well in this quilt – what do you think?  Traditional reds & greens with snowflakey whites & zingy, vivid blues – all sort of frosty and hot at the same time!  I designed it to fit along the back of a sofa, or over a favourite chair – just to get you into the mood for those long, cosy evenings by the fire!

Today hasn’t been with it’s drama – I knew one would come to get me one day soon, and today was my ‘SCREAM’ day!

I have finally decided to part with my saddle.  It’s been with me for a quite a few years, but to be truthful, will probably never see the back of a horse with me on top.  When I lost Stormy (admittedly he did leave me with an arm full of metal and screws to remember him by), I rather lost my nerve for riding.  Seems logical then, to sell on my saddle if I have no wish to ride.

I ventured into the summerhouse, where my saddle has spent the last few months over the summer and – you’ve guessed – as I was moving a few bits and bobs around a HUGE spider appeared – in a teapot!  The lid was off and this particularly pretty, vintage Sadler (coincidence or what?) teapot positively invited me to pick it up.  I looked inside and SHRIEK/SCREAM!  Argggggghhhhhh …

Both collies dived into the summerhouse, blocking the entrance; husband appeared from the kitchen, though he recognised the pitch of the scream and guessed what I’d found; even Flora quacked loudly and came waddling up the garden to my rescue!  A while later, I returned to the summerhouse clad in wellies and elbow-length leather gauntlets (I’d have worn a forensic suit by choice),  at arms length I picked up the vintage vessel and laid it on its side on the grass – can’t bear to think of poor monster dying in a teapot!

However, a few moments later, I saw Flora with her beak in the teapot and then she gave such shake of her head – all the way down to her tail! Thoughts of wriggling and tickling made me feel quite sick!  Oh dear!  Oh well!!!

Bye Bye saddle (and spider), Hello Handmade Monday and another fresh, new week!

Adaliza x

PS  Pop over to see Wendy’s Handmade Monday blogspot and see what everyone’s been making.

PPS  Have heard a whisper that my blog has been nominated for an award – pop back and see.  It would be wonderful if you decided to vote for me!

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