Jolly Farm Tractors & Sweet Peas

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I’m going to join with Finish it up Friday a little later on this afternoon and after watching busy tractors over on the farmland where I walk the collies every day, I was inspired to make this jolly quilt …


It’s been a busy few weeks on the land, gathering in the corn crops, baling up the straw and then harrowing the stubble back into the ground and getting it ready for ploughing and sowing again.  I think the weather has been kind to the farmers this year – we’ve had weeks of brilliant weather and the warmth of the sunshine has ripened the fruit and veggies in the garden so J2 and I have enjoyed many meals from our own backyard!

Occasionally I find a piece of vintage fabric that brings back happy memories and old Laura Ashley cottons are right up there amongst my favourites.  When I spied a piece of untouched vintage fabric in the famous Sweet Pea pattern, I gathered together a few other vintage pieces from my collection and hey presto – a quilt happened!!!

This one’s called … guess what??? … Sweet Pea!
Do you have a favourite vintage LA fabric?  I SOooo loved Emma and until quite recently had some in my bedroom before moving over to a more subtle grey scheme.

I’m off to Salisbury Artisan’s Market this weekend – just as the weather breaks, and then next weekend will be busy with Alton Makers’ Market on 10th and Taste of Wickham Festival on 11th – all go!  No rest for the wicked etc!!!

Enjoy your weekend whatever the weather

Adaliza x



Quilt Kits

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Adaliza Quilt Store

                                                        Hill & Dale Quilt Kit

Walk in the Park Quilt Kit

                                             Walk in the Park Quilt Kit

Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit - cream

                                   Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit – cream

Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit - autumn colours

                               Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit – autumn colours

Adaliza’s Quilt Kits

The kits contain all the fabrics needed to complete the patchwork quilt top, border and bindings.  You choose the wadding and backing fabric.  An 8-page booklet with full instructions for piecing your patchwork and suggested techniques for layering up your quilt sandwich, quilting and binding your quilt is included.  Lots of helpful tips appear throughout.  They are now available in my Quilt Store.

Quilts for sale

 Listed until the end of September in my Quilt Store

Breeze Quilt

Breeze Quilt

Sailboats & Seagulls Quilt


Foxtrot Quilt


Tranquility Quilt


Summer is drifting quietly away with the warm sunshine all too frequently giving way to clouds and rain. Evenings are decidedly chilly and it’s time to snuggle up!

Adaliza x

Memory Quilts …

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Way back in the late Spring, I met someone who had a very special project in mind – Memory Quilts.  We arranged to meet and I’d asked her to bring along some of the fabrics – I admit to gasping a little when her car boot was opened and tubs of baby clothes lurked within!  I love making quilts – and this lady had a wealth of memories wrapped up in these fabrics so I accepted the commission and four quilts were poured over and created.  Here they are …

18th Birthday Quilt for a fisherman - see the Mirror Carp?

18th Birthday Quilt for a fisherman – see the Mirror Carp?

A quilt for a vet - spot the cows!

A quilt for a vet – spot the cows!

A special peapod pendant captured in silver stitches

A special pea-pod pendant captured in silver stitches

Happy Memories - garden birds, baby clothes and favourite dresses

Happy Memories – garden birds, baby clothes, favourite dresses & personalised patches

18th birthday Daughter's Quilt

18th birthday Daughter’s Quilt

I appliquéd 18 hearts into the design

I appliquéd 18 hearts into the design

Such a pretty quilt

Such a pretty quilt

I’ll do a post about especially about making Memory Quilts one day as the processes involved in creating them are very different from making ‘normal’ quilts.  It’s a privilege to be trusted with so many special fabrics that hold someone’s personal memories and sometimes the fabrics are far more difficult to work with than usual patchwork cottons but the end result is a unique journey – for both the commissioner and the quilter.

Here’s what Catherine, commissioner of 4 Happy Memories Quilts, has to say:

‘I am leaving a belated and whopping THANK YOU for my beautiful 4 commissioned quilts. You know how much I adore them all and that I cried when you gave me every one of them. For you to finish 4 huge quilts in a very short time frame that I gave you was simply astounding. You realised my dream of memory quilts made from the weirdest bits and pieces of fabric that other quilters would not touch with a barge pole, let alone a needle!
You took on this simply mahoosive project during a particularly difficult time for yourself and never once wavered in your determination to do the most amazing justice to all of the beautiful clothing. Your finished quilts with their personalised embroideries were so gorgeous and mine took pride of place on the wall at my recent wedding. Everyone who has seen them has said how amazing they are and now friends are collecting clothing rather than selling it on.
I always wanted to be able to see the beautiful childhood memories and not have them stuffed up in the loft. What you have made for us has surpassed every vision I had and given me the chance to move on with my life and keep my memories in my quilt.
The twins had theirs for their 18th birthdays and my daughter has taken a little bit of home off to university. I could wax lyrical about you all day Val. I have come to know you well and consider you to be a great friend – kindred spirits perhaps. My love and thanks always.’ Catherine.
‘Thank You so much for your kind words.  It was my pleasure.  I loved making each one.
Wishing you all many more – Happy Memories’.  
Adaliza x

A very special quilt commission …

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A couple of months ago, I received an enquiry from a guy in London who wanted a Christmas quilt for his grandfather … “I’d like a bed quilt for my grandfather who is almost 90 years old”.  What a wonderful idea for a unique present, I thought – yes, I could make a quilt for his grandfather.

I asked for some more details and gleaned a little more information about a very special farm that had once belonged to the old man’s family.  I was told that …
“He reminisces with great fondness about his grandparents’ home – a farm in rural Wales, called Withy Hill.  I don’t have a photo of the farm, but it’s up a rough road, surrounded by fields. His family worked hard on the land and must have lived a simple life in their stone cottage”

We had a chat and decided not to have an actual farmhouse on the quilt, the fabrics would work together to create the storytale of rural life – I had a free hand to choose.  Yay!  A visit to the amazing Country Threads Patchwork in Bath – we had a jaunt there for a couple of days in early December, as a bit of a pre-Christmas treat – and Jan’s fabrics, as always, held all the answers.

quilt commission

Withy Hill Farm quilt

I chose a palette of soft russets, with some touches of olive green and blue (there was a duck pond at the farm) and my favourite white cotton for the patchwork top. Taupe fleece, sage polka dot for the border and a name label would all work together to create the quilt.


Fabric key

Fabric key



From the many quilts I have made this year, this will be one I’ll always remember.  I too have descended from generations of farmers in Wales and I felt as though I was weaving some of my history into the quilt as I worked. The grandson was delighted when he received the quilt, as was his grandfather on Christmas Day …

“Thank you so much for my grandfather’s quilt.  The colours are amazing, so subtle and superbly balanced.  The key you provided gave me great insight into your thought processes when designing and creating this quilt.  My grandfather was speechless and there was a tear in his eye when he saw the name label.  This quilt means a lot to both of us.”  Mr AU, London

I love making quilts, as you may have realised if you’re a regular reader!  I particularly love creating special quilts, taking ideas and turning them into an heirloom patchwork.

I’m currently working on another special quilt – one for us at home this time.  It’ll be the project that sees me from one year to the next.  I think it’s going to be called ‘On a cold and frosty morning’ and will include my favourite Scandinavian colour palette!


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