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05/01/2014 § 5 Comments

I’m feeling all homespun and cosy – candles and lamps, quilts and cushions, daffodils and peeping bulbs, welly boots and scarves, new calendars and holiday plans.  The weather’s been dismal but it’s lovely and warm tucked up by the fire in the long evenings, listening to the driving wind and rain.  It’s been a wild start to 2014.  My friends in the States are working through blizzards whilst we’re squelching about in mud.

I’ve become particularly fond of fairy lights – not just for Christmas.  I’ve popped them into lanterns and left the soft pinky purple ones on top of the unit, under the daffodils!  They add a lovely soft glow to the room.

Cosy fireside

Cosy fireside

Christmas candle and New Year mantle

Christmas candle and New Year mantle

Woodland fireside table

woodland theme on the fireside table

daffodils and catkins - Spring is just around the corner

daffodils and catkins – Spring is just around the corner

Upstairs in my studio, I suddenly had a lightbulb moment.  I’m always leaving the iron switched on and it’s become one of those things that I have to go and check before we go out – you know – the back door’s locked, upstairs windows shut, the gases are off and then there’s the iron!

The iron's still on - my reminder lights

The iron’s still on – my reminder lights

I suddenly worked out that if the iron and my paper lanterns were both plugged into a short extension lead, when the plug is switched on then the lights will remind me that the iron is on too.  I guess the lights will be using a bit of extra power, but I’ll be saving all that power that was wasted when I went and left the iron on!

It’s a wild night out there, so I’m going to snuggle by the fire, crochet in hand, warm dog next to me – good luck to you all if you’re back at the coalface in the classroom in the morning.  I don’t envy you!


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