Winter draws on …

11/11/2012 § 12 Comments

It’s frosty this morning and my breath made misty clouds when I went to let Flora out of her cosy henhouse.  It’s still and serene – a misty chill cloaks the air beyond the windows and doors – and the garden has a curious glowing tinge of silver mixed with gold.  There’s a magic about November.  Our white birch tree is completely bare and her slender, pale limbs seem to disappear up into the clouds.

Inspired by the season, I wanted to capture our tree as the leaves turned to gold and fluttered down …

Yesterday, autumn trees and hearts lined up in their box frames on my stall at Alton’s Makers’ Market!  The drizzle had stopped by the time we’d set up and a busy day followed, with the Farmers’ Market in full swing and a packed Market Square, buzzing with art & craft stalls.

In other news …

Did you hear about the sheepdog that sold recently at auction for £8,000 guineas (£8,400)? It was a record sale and Midge has gone to live in Suffolk with her new shepherd.

We thought we detected a certain likeness …

What do you think?  Could Belle be worth thousands of pounds? She’s never seen a sheep, but she loves the duck!  We’ve always said that she looks as though she’s been ‘designed by committee’, and has just about grown into her ears – but it’s taken years!  Don’t you think she bears an uncanny resemblance to Midge?  Maybe she could make a living as a ‘screen double’ – for scenes that don’t involve herding sheep, obviously!

The Suffolk shepherd, in an interview, explained that even though Midge was incredibly valuable she would be living outdoors so that she grows a thick coat.  I had to miss that bit out when I read it to Belle, otherwise she’d have nightmares …

I love a sofa with lots of cushions!

Really? Some sheepdogs don’t have a sofa to sleep on? Nightmare!

Our collies may not do the job they were bred for, but they still have important work to do each day – guarding the house, exercising their humans, herding the duck, welcoming family when they come home, watching my every move and understanding every word we say (even when we’re not talking to them).  I’ll swear that Misty can spell ‘cos when I subtly say to Himself that we’re going “O-U-T” or it’s time to “F-E-E-D” the dogs, she dashes either to where we keep their leads, or the sack of dog food in the kitchen!  Intelligent or what? She usually works out what we’re doing next faster than Himself!!!

Have a lovely week ahead and enjoy what’s left of the weekend.  We’re going for “W-A-L-K-I-E-S” in the chilly sunshine!

Adaliza x

PS – pop over to see what’s happening for Handmade Monday at the Handmade Harbour site.  I love Wendy’s opening line – “It’s been one helluva week!”

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