Miss Maggie Rabbit (Molly)

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Meet Molly Rabbit …

Molly can knit!  She's busy making herself a cardigan1

Molly can knit! She’s busy making herself a cardigan!

She’s also quite shy and has her very own little teddy-bear!  Earlier on today I found her rummaging in my button box for a tiny button for her cardigan.  She’s very particular and doesn’t want to be seen until her outfit is finished.  She caused such a fuss about her boots – first the laces had to be a different colour from Rosie Rabbit’s and then – well, you’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying a bit of fuss and here are some photos that I took yesterday evening …

Peaceful evening

Peaceful evening

Do you like the card from Flora (for Mother Duck’s Day) – it’s over on the right of the photo above and I think Daddy Duck did really well to find that one!

The most perfect tiny pink roses

The most perfect miniature pink roses and a beautiful Scandinavian card

Wonderful Sprint tulips in dear old Bertha's favourite vase

Wonderful Spring tulips in dear old Aunt Bertha’s favourite vase

I’m working very hard to stay calm and quiet.  There really isn’t any better therapy than hand-sewing and knitting tiny clothes for the bunnies!  I have to step off the merry-go-round so that I can be ready for a bumpy ride when my beloved man is in hospital at the end of this week.

Many, many thanks to so many of you for your good wishes.  Please keep everything crossed for us. I hope to pop back with some photos of Molly in the next day or so.

Adaliza x

PS See Miss Mollie all finished, with her teddy-bear, her basket of flowers and her hat – here.

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