Double Oven bread …

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no kneading, no double rising – just a bit of time and a perfect loaf …

Alicia over at Posy Gets Cosy produces amazing loaves so I did a bit of video watching to see how it’s done.  And then, as always, being unable to follow a recipe – I threw a few ingredients into a bowl, mixed a bit and waited.

It’s well worth the wait and absolutely delicious.  Try it – it’s as easy as can be …

Here’s my take on the recipe & ingredients …

2 cups strong white bread flour
1 cup malted grain flour
1 tsp sea salt
1 packet (7 gm fast yeast)
dash of cider vinegar in approx 1.5/2 cups cold water

I put all dry ingredients into my mixing bowl, gave it a whirl to mix and then add the water + cider vinegar.  Add the water carefully – 1 full cup and then the rest in dribbles until you have a dough that isn’t too heavy and my test is that it should mostly drop off the mixer.

Now I love using my KitchenAid but it’s really not necessary.  It suits me to clean the mixey thing then cover and leave the dough to do its stuff in this bowl, but this dough would easily mix up with fingers or a wooden spoon in a mixing bowl.

Don’t knead it, just clean around the edges of the bowl then cover with a cloth or cling-film for a minimum of 8 hours.  I left my first loaf for about 19 hours (overnight)!

Then when the dough is risen and squishy …

Heat the oven to 220 degrees and place a cast iron casserole (mine’s a huge Le Creuset pot), with the lid off, in the oven to heat up too. (Heat the lid too on a separate shelf).

Remove the sticky dough onto a floured surface and gently fold in the edges so they are at the base of the loaf and the top is smooth.  Sprinkle with oatmeal or flour.

Place a square of ovenproof greaseproof/parchment paper into the really hot casserole then plop in the loaf, smooth side up, and cover with the casserole lid.  All this cast iron is SERIOUSLY hot, so use a good oven glove and make sure there are no dogs underfoot to trip you up in the kitchen!

Cook for 30 minutes covered, followed by 15 mins or so with the lid off.
Leave to cool a bit before cutting … if you can wait that long!

Just a bit more browning to go …


The next batch of dough is already covered but I suspect that this loaf won’t last long past the boy’s breakfast time!  I’d better have a slice or two first …

Adaliza x

End Note :: that loaf lasted approximately 12 minutes from the time the first of our boys arrived downstairs this morning!  I made another one, in a long cast iron pot that’s been standing in the kitchen for at least 2 years, never having been used!  I dusted it off and …

ta-dah …

A petit parisienne loaf which has just been devoured alongside home-cooked marmalade ham and coleslaw salad for dinner.  It was still warm from the oven, and didn’t stand a chance once those hungry boys arrived!

Pop over to see Wendy at Handmade Monday – there will be lots of interesting updates on what everyone’s been making.

I’ll have a quilt to show you very soon – it’s called Wildflower Meadow!

Enjoy the rest of Sunday evening.

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