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30/01/2013 § 3 Comments

I’m obsessed with double oven bread-making!

Ever since my first double-oven loaf came out of the oven, and that magical smell of home-made bread filled my home, it’s got me.  I look at loaves in the supermarket, I turn away and scurry to the flour aisle to see what yeasty combinations spring to mind.

Last night, instead of rolling the risen dough in flour, I used oats – plain old porridge oats.  My dough was quite sticky, so I did a thick sprinkling and then worked them into the dough to give it more body.  When it was in the cast iron pot, ready for the oven, I sprinkled more oats on top with a lightning twist of herb salt too.  Here’s the result …

Oat-rolled loaf

Oat-rolled loaf

We enjoyed a meat and root-vegetable casserole with hunks of this loaf for supper last night.

I’m managing to fit bread-making in around work – early in the morning while the kettle is boiling, I quickly mix up the dough.  Then I cover it and leave it close to a radiator while I’m in work.  About half an hour before I get home, Himself puts a cast iron fish kettle (or a casserole for a round loaf) into the oven and when I get home, I quickly work the dough (no kneading required) roll it up into malted flour – or oats – and pop it into the oven.

Within the hour my nose tells me it’s almost done and ready for the lid to be removed, and a little browning to happen – and it is magical, that smell of bread baking – it fills the whole house and there we have another loaf.  Sometimes it remains untouched until the following morning, but more often we’ll have a slice or two with our supper instead of potatoes.

I’m tending to use all white bread flour for the original mix these days, and then rolling the dough in something more exotic – malted flour, rye for a crispier crust, oats or whole grains.  I’m thinking what else I can use.

And, I’ve started another quilt – Scandinavian inspired colours – all I want to do is bake and quilt!


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