Bye bye January …

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Ideal Homes frosty landscape

Ideal Homes frosty landscape

Jane Wooster-Scott American Folk Art

Jane Wooster-Scott American Folk Art – snowy landscape

Just a few days ago, a package arrived – I’d treated myself to the JW-S 2014 folk art calendar.  Don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner, but I’d been thinking about it for so long and finally gave in to a treat – to cheer myself up in these long, endless days of rain.  I’ve been living in wellies for the whole of the year so far!  Anyway, I was delighted to hang it up where I catch sight of the blissful country scenes, whilst quilting away and listening to the radio.

I’ve also been making good use of my supa-dupa embroidery machine.  Log cabin patchwork and a simple message seems to work really well, and I’ve been having fun.  This cushion isn’t quite finished but I couldn’t resist taking a quick snap – there’s quilting still to be done …


bring me sunshine

bring me sunshine

I certainly wish someone would bring me some sunshine – just a bit would do – just to remind me that it’s still shining up there somewhere, above the rain clouds!

Enjoy your weekend.



Worth the wait …

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Not another parcel of ribbons from Carmarthen, but a book that I ordered a while ago …

I decided, during an evening browsing session, a couple of weeks ago that I needed a bit of a treat.  Isn’t it easy, these days? No trip to town, or jostling through crowds, just a sit down with the laptop and clickety-click – all done!  Then I forgot all about it until sifting through stuff in my inbox where I found the receipt. I didn’t want to look too closely as I couldn’t actually remember what I’d bought! (It’s an age thing – just wait all you youngsters – your time will come).  Anyway, for the last few days, and especially since my experience in the dentist’s chair on Monday, I’ve been looking forward to my surprise – and today it arrived!

I almost didn’t want to open it ‘cos the cover in itself was worth the wait! I’ve only had a little peek ‘cos, like the best bit of a pie, I want to save some till last! This one caught my eye though …

What a project – could I ever attempt something like that? So much inspiration oozing from these pages – and so much more to ooze!

I already have one of his other books …

A treat from a couple of years ago, with pages packed full of colour and amazing photographs. I love his use of simple panels and blocks to complement vibrant and exciting colours and patterns.  Totally awesome.

I pulled out a load of fabrics to make this cushion some time last week, but then forgot I was going to make it! (Is there a bit of a theme going on here?) Not till I opened it up just now to look for a favourite picture, did I put 2+2 together and make the link with that pile of fabrics in the sewing room – I wondered how they got there!  Maybe later on …

I’m going to blame all the painkillers & antibiotics – there’s a nasty infection where I once had a tooth and I’m stoked up and rattling with pills!  It’s obviously affecting my brain, somewhat!

Whilst waiting for yet another prescription today, I treated myself to a magazine and some tea-towels for Dolly, to cheer myself up a bit more …

My favourite page is all about mustard and aubergine – what a combo …

I wonder if mustard is as good a flavour to add to aubergine, as it is a colour?

Three for a fiver, tea-towels from Sainsburys – not bad?  I also bought a bright orange washing up brush for Dolly, but it’s getting a bit sad to take photos of that, so you’ll have to guess what it looks like – not too much of a challenge?

I’ve been told to rest up and have had to cancel the retro market in Winchester for Sunday.  Quite a good excuse to do a bit of sewing though – I’m sure I can sew/crochet and rest at the same time.

Three cheers for the extra Bank Holiday weekend – enjoy the party, if you’re having one – we’ll probably escape somewhere very quiet with the collies!

Adaliza x

Country-Living Spring Fair …

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I did have a lovely day yesterday at the C-L Fair!

So much to see – and buy!  We had lots of treats and maybe the best of all was being able to share the day with my all-grown-up daughter.  Apart from strolling around and enjoying the stalls together, we had coffees, amazing raspberry & white chocolate muffins, lunch at The Hilton and she waited patiently, surrounded by our shopping bags, whilst I had one more look around Loop in Islington on our way home!

We visited Camden Stables market which was memorable – most of all for the statues of the horses which were superb!  It was such a good idea to take the bus back to Waterloo – so much to see, so many famous addresses en route.  Altogether a brilliant day out.

“Thank You – Sunflower!”

I’ve returned home brimming with ideas and today I’ve been busy …

Suffolk Puff patchwork is so much fun.  I saw some yesterday and couldn’t wait to get home and have a go.  It’s been years since I made anything with these adorable puffs. Oh – look at the chair I picked up this morning too …

How totally Country-Living is this combo?  A retro chair, a vintage knitted blanket and a soft, scrummy patchwork cushion!  I’m also working on recovering a beautiful round basket – just the job for a sewing basket and …

This is a Hollywood Themed wedding cushion for M & R who are getting hitched later in the year.  They specified diamonte, black & white – very glam!  The lace is actually sparkly too and in the sunshine it positively glimmers.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day for the happy couple.

Talking of sunshine – today has been brilliant too.  Buzzards soaring overhead here at home, the first cut of the grass and sitting outside to do some sewing (suffolk punching)!  I also enjoyed a Pimms – made from tea!  We tasted this great idea yesterday at the fair and treated ourselves to some tea from The Lawn.  This afternoon I enjoyed Rhubarb Patch Tea, topped up with fruit & lemonade – just perfect for a sunny afternoon!

And now there’s another hour to enjoy the garden and still some evening time to enjoy rippling time before bed!

OOOoooo I do love Springtime!

Now pop over to see what all the other creators & bakers have been making for Handmade Monday.

Adaliza x

My first gallery show …

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Here it is …

Through the windows (love the reflection of the trees) …

I’m absolutely delighted with the space, light
and how it’s all worked out …

Oh, I did enjoy setting this up – the largest space I’ve ever worked in!  Not without its challenges as everything had to look appealing from outside as well as inside – totally different from my stand at fairs, where there’s a backdrop.  The teashop gets busy during the day and it was lovely to chat to people as I was setting up.

Just in case you’re passing, do pop in …

Adaliza @ Monteagle Gallery
Yateley, Hants
3 – 29 February 2012
Open 9 am – 4 pm weekdays
10 am – 2 pm Saturdays

The low sun set the sky on fire in the west, as I drove home through Alton and Alresford.  Dusk settled and village homes nestled snugly down for the night, smoke spiralling in the still chill with lights glowing softly behind tightly closed windows.  A magical winter’s evening following a wonderful afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

Are you sitting comfortably?

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The old garden bench would have done you proud this afternoon, when the last few rays of winter sunshine appeared and sent a warm glow across the frozen garden …

Homespun patchwork cushions and a couple of crochet blankets that I made yonks ago!  Wish I could find the pattern for the aran one on the bench seat – think it was in a Phildar book circa 1980 and meant to be a bedspread, made from crochet cotton!  It’s a super pattern and it’s my favourite old blanket from the back of the sofa, frequently brought into use to keep my knees warm (like Grandma)! Unless I’m crocheting something that already covers them, of course – I do get chilly knees!  I wonder if the Queen gets chilly knees?  She often has a blanket over them when she’s out and about!  Maybe it’s a blue blood thing – my grandmother had airs and graces!

The cushions are all free-motion quilted on the patchwork side, with beautiful thick weave cotton backs.  I haven’t made a stripey patchwork cushions before, but I love these – they were great fun to make.

I’ve been wanting to design something with birdies for a while too …

There must be trillions of designs with birdies in birdcages going on at the moment, but these two are obviously in love!  She has a frilly tail and his crest has gone all bananas and twirly!  Always love a boy with curls!  They can of course fly away through the open bars, but they’re all caught up in their little dome home with a heart on top!

I’m just putting the finishing touches to a few purses and then everything will be labelled and packed up ready for the trip to the Monteagle Gallery on Friday afternoon.

If you’re anywhere near Yateley, Hants, then do pop in and have a look.

Enjoy that bit of sunshine, if it’s in your garden, but don’t take your hat and coat off – it’s freezing out there!

Adaliza x

PS Flora is just chasing a blackbird and a pigeon on the patio – it’s SO funny!  The blackbird is pecking at an apple that I threw out and the pigeon is clearing up Flora’s lunchtime feed scraps.  I don’t know whether she’s feeling amorous or territorial, but she waddles purposefully towards them and looks mystified when they fly off!

Linking up to     enjoy what everyone else has been creating & cooking!

Don’t you just love patchwork?

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I’ve been making lap/cot quilts …

There are 3 of them here ..

Sweet Dreams

Farmyard Friends

Dolly Daydreams

I love making quilts of this size – snuggly over your lap and knees or perfect for a tiddler’s cot.

There’s a quilted cushion hiding in amongst the quilts too.  There are a couple more cushions to finish and then it’s on to some freehand embroidery I think.  We’ll have to see what patterns emerge!

Have a lovely weekend.

Adaliza x

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