Picture Puzzle solved …

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Well done, Vanessa – you spotted it.  If you turn the photo upside down, the 3 trees on the horizon are reflected in water and there’s a tree in the foreground.  The shadows all work beautifully.

Can you see it?






I don’t know if Premier Inns have the same artwork in lots of their rooms – if you ever stay in one, see if yours is the right way up!

Back to my lacey knitting!




Picture Puzzle …

11/03/2014 § 3 Comments

Sometimes it’s the little things that drive us mad!


We’ve just returned from yet another lightning jaunt to Coventry. We stayed in not-the-most-salubrious, though comfortable and spotlessly clean chain of hotels that seem to be popping up on every industrial estate and business park in the UK.  As I sat up with my knitting last night, the picture on the wall troubled me but I couldn’t work out why.

Obviously my brain worked on the problem overnight because, as I surfaced this morning I knew immediately what was wrong.

Can you see???

Himself didn’t get it AT ALL – not even after I explained!

I’ll leave it with you – if you solve the puzzle, let me know.

Adaliza x

PS I’ve finally sorted out what to do with my lace weight yarn – it needs to be knitted, not crocheted!  More soon.

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