Strawberry Moon

09/06/2017 § 1 Comment

June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon.  I’ve been out, down to the headland overlooking Mounts Bay here in Cornwall tonight, but there’s thick cloud and a bit of drizzle in the air so it seems the full moon is shy tonight.

I’ve named my new crochet blanket Strawberry Moon as the colours are like crushed strawberries and cream (clotted of course), with blues and soft misty greys, warm reds and soft pinks.

Earlier on this evening before the drizzle set in, I took Strawberry Moon for a short walk from the seaside cottage where she’s been hooked up this week, to the harbour for some photos. She attracted quite a bit of attention!  I used Sirdar Aura in shades 130, 131 and 132  where the soft colours blend and flow through the yarn like the ebb and flow of the waves under a summer sunset.  A 6.5 hook and corner to corner crochet meant the first rows grew fast then as I reached just over 1.8m on the 2 sides, progress was slower but just as relaxing and enjoyable.

I’ve loved making this blanket that will forever remind me of my June holiday in Porthleven, when the Strawberry Moon hid behind the clouds but my memories kept me warm!


Beside the seaside …

08/06/2017 § 1 Comment

beside the sea!


I’ve been in Cornwall this week and it’s been wonderfully relaxing.  The weather has been through every scenario – hot sunshine, humid & thundery, driving rain, gales, flat calm – typical English seaside weather and I’ve loved every minute.

Whilst clicking away on my little pocket Canon camera, I’ve also discovered some new settings – as you can probably see!  I love the 4th one with those warm heathery hues.

I’ve unusually left the collies back at home with J2 and am without a sewing machine!  I haven’t even bought any fabric this time BUT – come on, you knew there’d be a BUT …

I bought some yarn in Truro on my way through last Saturday and I’ve been back 3 times to stock up as I’ve been crocheting a blanket – there’ll be photos of it by the sea tomorrow.

How’s your week been?


A week away …

26/09/2016 § 2 Comments

is a very good thing!

We’re back home now, me and the collies.  Last week was spent overlooking our favourite harbour in Cornwall – same house, same village, same long walks out along the coast path, same strolls around the harbour – it was the ‘same’ as many other holidays that have been enjoyed there over many years – same and different.  I love going back and the weather was amazingly good.  I did a bit of knitting whilst sitting out in the sunshine, overlooking the busy harbour, but had a whole week away from patchworking!

That’s not to say I didn’t have a stroll around my favourite fabric shops and of course, didn’t come away empty-handed!  I’m itching to get on with new projects now – it’s good to be back home.

Autumn officially arrived last week with the Autumn Equinox and the summer annuals in the garden have all had their day so I spent yesterday doing a bit of sorting out with Flora greedily rummaging around looking for worms.  I did miss her, she’s such a character.

Today, I’m back in my studio, new fabrics in hand and away to go …

patchwork here I come! 

have a great week …


I must go down to the sea again …

24/06/2016 § 4 Comments

to the lonely sea and the sky …









Porthleven has worked its magic spell with stunning sunsets, hot sunshine, walks on the beach, sandy dogs, rest and relaxation.

C and I have spent the week here and it’s been absolutely wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x




Belated postcard from Cornwall …

09/07/2014 § 5 Comments

Didn’t we have a loverley time …

Yes, we certainly did (apart from my badly sprained ankle on day 4, which is still grumbling) …

Smugglers Cottage

quirky and charming – Smugglers Cottage


a pot of gold – maybe just golden sand

early morning walks

early morning walks

an inquisitive local

an inquisitive local

morning walk to the paper shop

morning walk to the paper shop

evening stroll around the harbour for dinner

evening stroll around the harbour for dinner

magical sunsets and a new moon

magical sunsets and a new moon – make a wish

We had awesome weather – wall-to-wall sunshine most days and even when I was ‘iced-up’ and strapped I found I could do some sewing with one foot up on a garden chair!  A sewing studio with sea views – that’s definitely on my wish list!

my little Elna came too

my little Elna came too


Summertime – pretty florals in summer colours

I felt inspired by the colourful little cottage and created Hot Town patchwork

I felt inspired by the colourful little cottage and created Hot Town patchwork

I stitched up 3 patchwork quilt tops last week and have finished 2 of the quilts this week.  I’ll post some photos of the finished quilts in the next day or so.  Now – back to the end of a boring game of football – so different from last night’s semi-final.  Have you been watching?  I’m no footie fan but find myself drawn into a tournament like the World Cup.  I’m picking up the lingo and whenever I hear the whistle (‘cos I’m usually stitching around the binding of a quilt rather than watching), I just say ‘Offside’ with conviction.  Amazingly, I’ve been right on many occasions – Himself is really quite impressed!!!!

Adaliza x

A quick catch up

10/04/2014 § 6 Comments

there’s lots going on at the moment with celebrations and concerns in equal measure!

Let’s celebrate first  with a week in Cornwall ::



empty harbour

It’s our 30th wedding anniversary on 14th April and we’ve decided to spend the whole month of April enjoying trips and jaunts around and about.  We gasped as we caught our first glimpse of Porthleven harbour – still no boats.  Earlier in the year, winter storms smashed the huge wooden baulks leaving boats unprotected in the inner harbour.  Ten sank in the storm and the remaining fishing fleet and pleasure boats were still on land, up on their chocks in the boatyard and harbourside.  Hopefully by now, they’re all bobbing about in the harbour enjoying some Spring sunshine.

The Napoleonic cannon still on the edge of the seawall since the waves moved it.



Then Cardiff for a few days …

Cardiff Bay panorama

Cardiff Bay panorama

A wonderful couple of days in Cardiff, at the St David’s Hotel overlooking Cardiff Bay. We boat tripped up the river, instead of catching a bus into the city centre. I shopped till I dropped and we had an amazing time!

Anniversary Art Deco clock

Anniversary Art Deco clock

We had decided not to buy each other anniversary presents, but to wait until something grabbed both of us.  The art deco Smiths clock did! We loved it as soon as we saw it, high up on a shelf in a new vintage shop in Wellfield Road, Cardiff.  Now it has pride of place on our mantlepiece, to commemorate our 30 years of marriage.

I then tripped off to Wales, to see Dad – the boys in tow!

Dad wanted to walk along 'The Line' where he remembers playing as a young boy

Dad wanted to walk along ‘The Line’ where he remembers playing as a young boy

A lovely time with the family

A lovely time with the family

Me and the boys (my cousin said they look like my minders)!

Me and the boys (my cousin said they look like my minders)!

Now we’ve an anniversary meal with all 3 of our children to look forward to this weekend and I’m planning a few surprises so will maybe share with you next week, after I’ve surprised them!

I’ve quilt commissions and fairs to plan for but, like a huge dark cloud over 28th April, my wonderful husband is having yet another major operation.  Let’s hope the cloud of concern is quickly replaced by a silver lining and lightning recovery.

Happy days!

Adaliza x


What a difference …

28/10/2013 § 3 Comments

a day makes!

6.30 am and the storm has passed

6.30 am and the storm has passed

Having risen early to take a photo or two, I went back to bed for an hour to catch up on my beauty sleep, although I had slept much sounder than expected.  Last night we eventually turned in at about midnight and it was rather like sleeping on a station platform with heavy freight trains constantly rumbling and bumping past.  The wind and waves were deafening, even through our solid granite walls.

When I eventually drew up the blinds this morning, it was like being a celebrity – our loft, the access lane, driveway and car park were teeming with photographers!  Fortunately, nobody had their cameras trained on me!  Today has been all about the waves – they’ve been centre stage …









Colossal waves, pounding the sea defence wall above the beach and crashing over the breakwater at the harbour entrance.  The inner harbour is calm, with the fishing boats and pleasure vessels bobbing about amongst the foam, protected from the waves by the huge wooden caisson in place across the narrow harbour entrance, stopping the swell from entering the harbour and village.

We’ve been treated to a few squally showers, a rainbow, sunshine shafts emerging from dark clouds and although it’s still gusty the swell has moderated and most of the photographers have trundled off back to their digital screens, to upload, download and amend.  Everyone searching for that elusive perfect photograph that captures the very essence of the day.

Porthleven featured in a photo montage in today’s Guardian – the big house on the cliff is always a favourite, with the sea spray and waves bashing the rocks below.  Fame at last!

Now – I’ve got a quilt to work on and tonight we’re going to treat ourselves to a take-away!  I just love holidays by the sea, whatever the weather.

Adaliza x

A walk on the beach …

14/07/2013 § 6 Comments

The tide’s low and the sun is getting high – come for a walk with us …

We’re going out along the coast path from the village, heading to Loe Bar then we’ll walk back on the beach, across 4 sandy bays

low tide in the harbour

low tide in the harbour when we set off

little pink net loft

up the village and past the little pink net loft

there's a bit of a breeze as we pass the lifeguard station

there’s a bit of a breeze as we pass the lifeguard station

it's going to be a long walk home, back along the beach

it’s going to be a long walk home, back along the beach

striding out now on the coastal path

striding out now on the coastal path – so many wild flowers

then, after a good country mile climbing high along the coast path, we stroll down to the beach

the whole beach to ourselves

the whole beach to ourselves

in for a paddle

The Girls – in for a paddle

Misty can't resist a little swim

Misty can’t resist a little swim

not too far though!

not too far though!


"Go on in, it's not too cold"

“Go on in, Belle,  it’s not too cold”

and a good shake

and a good shake, to dry off

shells at high-water line

seaweed and shells at high-water line as we head home

one more bay - nearly home

one more bay – nearly home

and after a cuppa on the patio, the tide’s up enough for us to enjoy some serious fishing-boat watching!

Starfish - Porthleven

Starfish – Porthleven

Did you enjoy that?  We did!  An impromptu escape to Cornwall for a few days was such a treat.  I didn’t want to come home – in fact, it was a real struggle.  But now we’re back and have just booked another week in September.  It’s going to be amazing to be able to escape during term time – something we haven’t been able to do since before the children started school.

My decision to leave work, as a teacher, this summer has been a hard one.  I love teaching and have worked with some amazing young people.  I’ve been teaching at a sixth-form college for the last 12 years, so my students have been studying for their A-levels, spending just a couple of years at college before leaving home to go to university or enter the workplace.  I’m going to miss them.  I’ll miss the status, the money, giving advice, talking to their parents, being a shoulder to cry on, being scary (not very often), encouraging, having a laugh in class and believing in them.  It was a wonderful job but I was getting tired.

There’s going to be more time for sewing, spending time by the sea, teaching at workshops, walking with the collies.

Those few days away gave me time to process my thoughts and feelings as I enter this new phase in my life.  There’s nothing quite as good as a walk on the beach to rediscover your equilibrium and start looking forward!


Postcard from Cornwall …

01/11/2012 § Leave a comment

We managed a brisk walk on the beach before the rain arrived this morning and I’ve taken so many photos of waves!  I love this place and our week is disappearing all too fast.

Hope you’re enjoying your week, wherever you are.

Postcard from Adaliza x

Rest & Relaxation …

30/10/2012 § 3 Comments

in a cosy cottage, by the sea …

This is a much needed, hard-earned half-term break in our favourite seaside cottage in Cornwall.

Our home for the week was once a net loft, perched above the rocks – there’s the little cobbled terrace outside, complete with wall and gate to keep the collies safe (actually to keep everyone outside the gate safe from the collies); then an uninterrupted view across to the breakwater and harbour entrance with the beach and bay beyond.

Our cottage looks tiny but it’s wonderfully warm and cosy helped along with my favourite quilt and blanket.  I can’t do without my homely comforts – a crisp white duvet just doesn’t do it for me!

So far we’ve had fantastic waves and lots of rain, but I don’t mind a bit ‘cos I’ve brought my sewing machine (for indoors) and am well equipped with riding mac, waxed hat and sturdy boots (for collie walks along the coast path and beach)!

I’m sending best wishes to my friend in NY – keep in touch as long as the power lines survive.

I’m also hoping that all is well for NY’s visitors including a school trip from west Wales – keep safe all of you.

Adaliza x

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