A walk on the beach …

14/07/2013 § 6 Comments

The tide’s low and the sun is getting high – come for a walk with us …

We’re going out along the coast path from the village, heading to Loe Bar then we’ll walk back on the beach, across 4 sandy bays

low tide in the harbour

low tide in the harbour when we set off

little pink net loft

up the village and past the little pink net loft

there's a bit of a breeze as we pass the lifeguard station

there’s a bit of a breeze as we pass the lifeguard station

it's going to be a long walk home, back along the beach

it’s going to be a long walk home, back along the beach

striding out now on the coastal path

striding out now on the coastal path – so many wild flowers

then, after a good country mile climbing high along the coast path, we stroll down to the beach

the whole beach to ourselves

the whole beach to ourselves

in for a paddle

The Girls – in for a paddle

Misty can't resist a little swim

Misty can’t resist a little swim

not too far though!

not too far though!


"Go on in, it's not too cold"

“Go on in, Belle,  it’s not too cold”

and a good shake

and a good shake, to dry off

shells at high-water line

seaweed and shells at high-water line as we head home

one more bay - nearly home

one more bay – nearly home

and after a cuppa on the patio, the tide’s up enough for us to enjoy some serious fishing-boat watching!

Starfish - Porthleven

Starfish – Porthleven

Did you enjoy that?  We did!  An impromptu escape to Cornwall for a few days was such a treat.  I didn’t want to come home – in fact, it was a real struggle.  But now we’re back and have just booked another week in September.  It’s going to be amazing to be able to escape during term time – something we haven’t been able to do since before the children started school.

My decision to leave work, as a teacher, this summer has been a hard one.  I love teaching and have worked with some amazing young people.  I’ve been teaching at a sixth-form college for the last 12 years, so my students have been studying for their A-levels, spending just a couple of years at college before leaving home to go to university or enter the workplace.  I’m going to miss them.  I’ll miss the status, the money, giving advice, talking to their parents, being a shoulder to cry on, being scary (not very often), encouraging, having a laugh in class and believing in them.  It was a wonderful job but I was getting tired.

There’s going to be more time for sewing, spending time by the sea, teaching at workshops, walking with the collies.

Those few days away gave me time to process my thoughts and feelings as I enter this new phase in my life.  There’s nothing quite as good as a walk on the beach to rediscover your equilibrium and start looking forward!


Postcard from Cornwall …

01/11/2012 § Leave a comment

We managed a brisk walk on the beach before the rain arrived this morning and I’ve taken so many photos of waves!  I love this place and our week is disappearing all too fast.

Hope you’re enjoying your week, wherever you are.

Postcard from Adaliza x

Rest & Relaxation …

30/10/2012 § 3 Comments

in a cosy cottage, by the sea …

This is a much needed, hard-earned half-term break in our favourite seaside cottage in Cornwall.

Our home for the week was once a net loft, perched above the rocks – there’s the little cobbled terrace outside, complete with wall and gate to keep the collies safe (actually to keep everyone outside the gate safe from the collies); then an uninterrupted view across to the breakwater and harbour entrance with the beach and bay beyond.

Our cottage looks tiny but it’s wonderfully warm and cosy helped along with my favourite quilt and blanket.  I can’t do without my homely comforts – a crisp white duvet just doesn’t do it for me!

So far we’ve had fantastic waves and lots of rain, but I don’t mind a bit ‘cos I’ve brought my sewing machine (for indoors) and am well equipped with riding mac, waxed hat and sturdy boots (for collie walks along the coast path and beach)!

I’m sending best wishes to my friend in NY – keep in touch as long as the power lines survive.

I’m also hoping that all is well for NY’s visitors including a school trip from west Wales – keep safe all of you.

Adaliza x

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