Breathing fire …

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I’ve so loved designing this fire-breathing Welsh dragon.  I needed to look no further than my keyring, mousemat and letter rack for inspiration.  In fact, I have a fair few reminders of my homeland dotted around the house!  I wanted to capture the regal stance but add a touch of polka-dot fun with the highlights and give him a friendly face.  What do you think?

Having stitched a pink one, for a special little girl, I’m also going to make one for my uncle who has recently moved back to the town where he was born and raised, in south Wales.  This could be the start of a new line, maybe!

I’m having fun – and hope that you are too!

Adaliza x

St David’s Day …

29/02/2012 § 1 Comment

Dydd Dewi Sant

What’s this?  A giant bloom amongst the catkins!

I decided to crochet a spring tulip the other evening – some tulip.  It wasn’t a huge success, but I folded and tweaked and added a few more petals and out popped a huge daffodil!  It makes me smile and chuckle  – a tulip it certainly isn’t!

These two, in a pot, have been confined to the patio because they refuse to speak to each other.  That’ll teach them!

Now that’s what I call Spring!  Nothing like a bunch of daffs in full bloom with some catkins.

1st March  is St David’s Day – the patron saint of Wales.  The daffodil is our national emblem – and so is the leek!  It is rumoured that the words for daffodil and leek are very similar in Welsh  (Cenhinen = Leek, Cenhinen Pedr = Daffodil). This may explain why both have been adopted as national emblems.  Certainly, many leeks and daffodils will be worn tomorrow to celebrate, little children will dress up in our national costume and the hopefully the sun will be shining on the hills and in the valleys.

 Happy St David’s Day pob un.

Adaliza x

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