Fat bottomed girls …

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here’s a cushion that a few of us can fit on!

I thought I’d use up some of the Ripple One blanket left-overs and make a cushion. This massive 24″ feather cushion pad has been hanging around since I bought it, with the intention of creating something spectacular for my stall.  Now it’s strictly for keeps and I’ve  called it the Wave Cushion!

Thought that it would be brilliant to carry round in Dolly-van – a comfy place to park (my bottom) on the ground, or to loll against on a picnic rug, maybe. I’ll have to fight off competition from Belle, who’s always up for a spot of comfort (snapped here after being allowed up onto my bed for a cuddle, and promptly going fast asleep in Dolly last weekend)!

Ripple & Wave must get together, but Ripple is upstairs on the bed and all this medication that I’m taking is making me feel very wibbly wobbly, so I’ve only made it to outside the back door.  I’ve just noticed that the snippets from the ends are still there under my patio chair!  Must sweep up when I’ve got a bit more energy.  Yesterday evening I couldn’t even be bothered to use a sewing machine to sew it all together, so all the seams are handsewn with wool. I did spend a bit of time on the buttonhole though – just love doing them properly and the wool makes it all chunky and knotty!

Before you ask – I didn’t do all the beautiful blanket stitch around the cornflower blue wool – this is a corner from a rather unusual vintage blanket that has 4 blanket-stitched sides.  Unfortunately it has a horrible stain in the middle, so I didn’t feel too bad about chopping it up.  I should have ironed it, but frankly, life’s too short!

So, give us a wave, you mega cushion …

To celebrate the beginning of June, all the roses in the garden have burst into bloom …

Hope I begin to feel a bit more rosy soon – I hate feeling under-the-weather. Maybe some more crochet will be the cure!

A x

Crochet love …

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Hooky glam is all the rage …

Classic squares with flowers

Crochet has that retro 60’s/70’s vibe at the moment and it’s really making a comeback.  In those magazines from the 50’s, crochet was still about lacy collars, chair backs and tray cloths, but then in the 60’s granny squares grew into ponchos, tank-tops and bags.

Now, with the retro revival, vintage glamour and a resurgence of interest in ‘making’, crochet is back into the big time!

I still have to feel the wool though – acrylic yarn does nothing for me, in the hand.  It has to be pure wool or maybe with just a tad of something extra for easy washing.

4-ply hexi

Hexi cushion

Don’t you just love hexi crochet?  I used 4-ply yarn for these 3 projects – they took ages but are SO delicate.

Hexi glam

Summer colours above – all pinks & lilacs with a delicate green added in for a bit of a lift – it’s now a completed square, ready for a large cushion.  It hangs over the rail at the bottom of the bed so that I can see it when I wake up each morning – makes me feel happy!  I’m definitely not parting with this one!

Hexis and pom poms

How about this one for a classic combination then?  Hexis and pom poms, again all in 4-ply!  This one went off to live in a new home on Saturday – hope you’re enjoying it!

Pop back next week to see the most amazing yarn that I had shipped over from the States.  It’s the most beautiful wool that I’ve ever worked with and it’s a project that will take me months to complete – that’s part of the fun though isn’t it?

Have a great weekend

Adaliza x



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