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Ripple One – my first ripple blanket is finished!  And – the sun came out to celebrate!


I hooked away at the foundation chain and first row, whilst watching Wales win the Six Nations Triple Crown (its rugby, if you’re not Welsh), on 25 February and I finished it last evening 10 May.  That’s 75 days by my counting.

155 single rows (most stripes are 2 rows of the same colour) and she weighs 1.6 kg.  She’s 1.55 m from below the pillows to the bottom of the bed and 2.10 m wide, including the pineapple border.  I haven’t crocheted pineapples for at least 30 years – they’re fun!

Now I mentioned this morning that she’d challenged my perceptions.  Almost every day for months, I’ve measured  progress by holding her up against me, with the stripes horizontally placed.  Then, as I made more progress, I laid her on our bed – my beloved, who has become very attached to this blanket, kept asking if it was going to fit on the bed – but with the stripes placed horizontally she wasn’t wide enough to keep both of us warm.  I pondered and fussed for weeks – whilst still increasing the rows!  The solution was staring me in the face – as most do, if you wait for a while – turn her sideways!

I added a few rows and a simple red shell border to the top and bottom borders but wanted something just a bit showy for the sides. So when a rummage in a local charity shop revealed a huge bag of beautiful Robin pure wool, in a non-challenging grey, my mind was made up – pineapples all the way!

It took me a few attempts to reconcile myself to stripes going sideways, but all is well in ripple-land now. I’m so pleased with her. Last night we slept soundly, and this morning, when I woke I put my hand outside to feel her – such a sense of achievement.  It’s great to make something, to enjoy the journey and snuggle up in the result.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Alton – in sunshine hopefully – at the Art & Craft market.  Pop by and say Hello.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

PS Read about her Easter journey here, although she appears in other posts too.

Ripple Wave …

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RiPpLe OnE

has been out and about over Easter …

We began the journey towards the Easter holidays in warm sunshine, a row or so most afternoons after work, while the sun was still packing a punch!  Flora Quacky Duck enjoyed pecking at stray strands whilst Belle and Misty kept a watchful eye, as usual, on whatever I’m doing!

Then we journeyed west – back to my home in Wales …

We stayed on an organic farm for B&B – super stylish!  Ken and Amanda are an innovative, artistic and extremely talented couple with a lovely family (and collie dog) and an amazing home. Handmade furniture, home-cooked delights including fresh-from-the-oven hot cross buns at a candlelit breakfast, there’s a farmshop and glamping opportunities.  If you’re thinking of travelling west and want somewhere beautiful to stay, visit Nantgwynfaen Farm – really – it’s well worth a visit and the local rural/coastal scenery is the best in the world (maybe I’m a bit biased)! 

Then we went to Bath.  A few times each year, if possible, we escape – just the two of us, for some peace and quiet – a chance to enjoy time together away from the bustle of family life.  This time, Ripple One came too …

In Henrietta Gardens yesterday morning, I mooched out for a spot of calm in the Quiet Garden.  I’d just spread Ripply out for a quick photocall when along came Kitty – a Kitty who obviously knew a comfy spot when she spotted one!

I love the way that Ripple is sharing my journey this year – I’m buying balls of wool when I see them and there’s no real plan.  I like life to be like that – no targets, fitting different parts of life around each other without pressure – home, family, work, patchwork, dogs, crochet, garden – I’ve loved taking time out over Easter, to relax and enjoy and Ripple is good company in my quiet moments, wherever I am.

Today is a VERY special day – April 14th – and it’s our Wedding Anniversary!

Twenty-eight years ago, we married each other, here in Winchester with best friends and family sharing our day.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and at Lainston House, they took the tables and chairs outside for us as we enjoyed a less-than-formal wedding breakfast on the lawns!

Happy Anniversary – to the Love of my Life!

Adaliza x

Spring into Crochet …

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Spring has definitely sprung!

Hasn’t it been a glorious week?  I’ve enjoyed an hour or so in the sunshine every afternoon after returning from work – crochet in hand!

Having mastered rippling – more on that in a minute – I saw a photo of a stitch called Larksfoot and had to have a go …

It’s a very simple stitch and I’ll do a little tutorial very soon but I played around with a sample panel …

Isn’t Larksfoot just the Springiest name for a crochet stitch?

and mounted it onto a vintage wool cushion.  I had to restrict myself to one panel ‘cos I mustn’t get diverted from my ripply journey …

This is real freestyle blanket-in-the-making.  There’s no plan and I buy balls of wool that I like the look of – as long as they’re pure wool DK, and they’re pretty, then they’re in!

It’s growing fast, but not too fast ‘cos I’m really enjoying every ripple along the way.  And no, I haven’t forgotten Hearts & Flowers …

but it’s so special that I keep it for holidays and times when I can make every block along the way hold a memory.   Maybe another one will be finished over the Easter holidays.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Adaliza x

In three words …

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“… describe yourself!”

“What me?”  

“Yeah – you!”

“Well – I dunno.  What a daft question!  Why d’you want to know, anyway?”

“OK – let’s try another one.  In three words, what have you been doing this week?”

“That’s easy – I’ve been to the ART MARKET,  I’ve been TAKING PHOTOS in the garden and I’ve been RIPPLING.”
“Have I passed the Three Word test?”

“Prove it!”

“OK, you’ve passed.”

“Why do you want to know?”

“No reason, just being nosey, I guess!”

It’s been a busy, busy week but I’ve managed to squeeze in some lovely time in the garden and treated myself to another tree!  Yes, a Silver Birch for £4 from Tesco!  It’s more of a twig than a tree, although the bamboo pole that was attached was quite tree-like!  I’ve planted it in a pot and hope that it does well.

I think I may have mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ve finally got the hang of crocheting the Ripple pattern.  Now, I’m off and there’s no holding back.  This is week 2 and I’m topping 20 rows.  I’m working it in Drops Karisma, mainly although I’m not being too fussy if a pure wool from a different stable takes my fancy.  I can see why people get ‘hooked’ on rippling!

Anyway, in three words – what have you been doing this week?

It’s easy, simply choose 3 happy things and all the boring bits just melt away!

Enjoy your weekend – I’m off to the Country Living Fair with my daughter tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT!

Adaliza x

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