Summertime – going, going …

30/08/2012 § 1 Comment

not quite gone!

Happy memories of a wonderful season here in Hampshire, my home in Wales, Devon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire …


Last night on the weather forecast (which is really good for the weekend – yippee), the presenter said that for statistical purposes, summer ends tomorrow – 31 August.  But Mother Nature signals the passing of a season in so many more subtle ways than merely by a date.  The signs have been creeping up for a week or so.  From a few degrees of heat-loss throughout the day, dewy mornings, ripening fruit on the trees and bushes and our own special season indicator – our white birch tree.  This magnificent specimen which graces our lawn, and from which over the years, swings have swung, teenagers have huddled and ducks have nested (well one duck anyway), has developed a decidedly golden tinge – if I was painting in watercolours, there would be significantly more gold than green in the mix!

Tomorrow evening we’ll wave goodbye to summer and all that she has shared with us.  It’s been wonderful and I’ve loved every minute.  Autumn is my very favourite season of the year though I never quite know why.  The colours, I think are closest to my heart – auburn leaves, russet fruit and golden browns with a misty cloak drawn over magical mornings, sparkling cobwebs and the need to wear wools again, after weeks of cottons and linens.  Yes, I love the autumn.

I finished an amazing shawl/scarf for myself last week and will show you very soon.  I’m working on another one in the evenings as I simply love, love, love working with lace-weight yarn at the moment.  I haven’t yet photographed all the quilts I made over the summer, but I’ll have to get on with it as it’s the first fair of the Autumn in Winchester on Sunday.  The Vintage & Retro market will be in full swing so if you’re passing by, then stop and say hello.  I hope others will be looking forward to snuggling up and decide to treat themselves to a quilt!

Bye bye summertime, hello Autumn!


Rain, rain, more rain and gales …

07/06/2012 § 2 Comments

it must be summer in England!

Apparently it’s an ‘unseasonal’ low pressure area whipping up a storm.  There are gales forecast for tonight; today has rained almost non-stop.  Poor Flora had to be picked up and dried off – she rarely gets wet due to all the oil in her feathers, but she was looking sad and soggy this afternoon, so we had a bit of a cuddle to warm her up!

What do you do on a blustery, wet day in June then? Himself has gone off on academic business for a couple of days.  I felt quite perky so after dropping him at the station at an unearthly hour, I decided to do some long-overdue cleaning in the house.

I can’t remember the last time I did this – it must be a few years ago. Housework routines really aren’t my thing. However, I really rather enjoy a day to myself when I can get on and turn the music up loud (classic fm –  – you can listen online – I recommend Beethoven for scrubbing the kitchen floor, Strauss for bathrooms (just glide around), Rachmaninov for sorting stuff out (all dreamy and romantic), Tchaikovsky for hoovering and when it’s all done some Chopin please.

I’m actually aching a bit after all that strenuous exertion so it’s time to put my feet up and do some crochet.  I’ve just started a granny square blanket in subtle, soft shades.  A bit of a departure from the riot of colours in Gypsy Rose and Ripple One!  I think I’ll call it Misty Morning or maybe Rainy Days – it’s one for snuggling up in, by the fire.  I’ll show you soon …

Adaliza x

Ripple One, all done! But …

11/05/2012 § 3 Comments

you’ll have to wait just a bit longer to see her, so I can take some photos in the sunshine!Image

I can’t wait to show you – she’s ended up with a ‘twist in her tail’ – she’s challenged all my perceptions!  

Just wait and see …

Adaliza x

Between the lines …

30/01/2012 § 12 Comments

Gypsy Rose, my crochet blanket, is coming along …

I shared the beginning of our journey together last week (here) and I just adore the circle into square pattern that I ended up with – a variation on many trials!  Thirty-six squares later, I made the decision to stop making squares and add a border.  I came up with this one (from Crochet Bible) …

Now, it doesn’t look exactly inspiring, in my opinion.  But I closed my eyes and thought about how it could look in a myriad of colours.

Close your eyes and try it …

does it work?

You bet it does …

It’s the simplest stitch ever.  I double-crocheted a row all around the edge of the squares and then just add row on row of 1dc, 1ch – it’s that’ simple.  A slip stitch to join the end of the row and on to a new colour with 3 ch to start the row.

What I have discovered is that as the pattern grows, I need to think carefully about the way the colours work together …

See how the colours in every other row link together.

I’m so enjoying the journey of this blanket.  With my quilting, I feel driven to finish a quilt and have frequently cut out the next one before finishing the quilting, but this wool by Kristin Nicholas is so amazing, I almost want it to last forever!  Having said that, I do have a whole tub of yarn left!  In fact, I may finish this one and make another one simply using this pattern!  Decisions, decisions – eh?

So, the lesson I’m learning from Gypsy Rose, is to read between the lines – see beyond the obvious, don’t be afraid, trust your judgement and live a little!

I’ll keep you posted!

Adaliza x

UPDATE:  See Gypsy Rose finished here

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