Baby, it’s cold outside …

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So it’s a good thing that some of us can spend the best part of the day with our feet up on the sofa,
warm and snuggly on a patchwork quilt …

or on a warm rug, just waiting for that blanket to drape over Missus’ lap
and keep our ears warm!

Belle & Misty love a warm house when it’s freezing outside.  And boy, is it freezing outside?
You bet!
I reckon the troika scenes on my Russian lacquer boxes are not so far removed from reality!
Minus 26 degrees in Moscow – seriously brrrrrrrr!

The boxes appear when it first feels like winter and share our low side table with candles, Russian pottery bunnies and Stargazer, by Dawn Benson – here, catching the first rays of the winter sun through the window.  They’ll stay out until Spring has officially arrived!

Meanwhile, on the patio …
Flora continues to eye up the watering can as a potential mate!
I can sort of see that the shape of it is similar to a handsome drake!
She just loves this thing and flirts outrageously with it, especially first thing in the morning.

Stay warm – it’s really cold outside!

Adaliza x

Keeping Winter Magic …

31/12/2011 § 1 Comment

Out with the old and in with the new!

Much as I absolutely leap with joy and anticipation at Christmas – all the excitement, decorations & preparations – once the day itself has passed I have very limited patience with all the kerfuffle!

I love the Christmas cosiness of our lounge with the tree and sparkling lights …

Christmas Tree

and once we have bid ‘Farewell’ to the Christmassy decorations on New Year’s Eve, I strive to keep some winter magic –

to prolong the chilly season and enjoy a fresh start for the New Year …


to wish for snow and enjoy my collection of Russian china and troika boxes  …

to add a dash of vibrant colour with some Mary Rose Young pottery …


 to keep candles and lanterns twinkling bright …

to fill the vases with fresh flowers!

Happy New Year

Adaliza  x

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