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I’m often asked about the inspiration for my quilts and it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint what enters my head when I’m planning a quilt.

 On occasions though, it’s quite specific – like my Ridge Tiles Quilt where I wanted to capture the history of my home since it was built and mark the work that’s been done this year.  I was inspired by the colours of the lichen on the red clay ridge tiles that were removed from the roof (left photo) …

Other times there’s a fabric that captures my eye and I try to pick up colours and tones that capture my mood or a landscape.  The quilts below are all inspired by the sea and our love of sailing (we had a little Bermudan sloop when we were first together over 30 years ago) in which we used to explore the coves and harbours along the south coast.  It was all to do with the colours for me – blues, greys, white horses and red sails …

This week it’s Bluebell Time!  As I walk in the woods with the collies, the secretive bells are beginning to bloom in the beech woods.  I LOVE native bluebells, their colour is magical and the scent on a warm morning, quite intoxicating.  I always name our collies after flowers and plants and Belle is really called Bluebell because it’s her birthday at this time of year, even though she doesn’t look at all like a bluebell flower …

This week, Bluebell Time has also provided the inspiration for a quilt …

I decided to make it All About the Blues, so didn’t include any greens or woodland colours.  You can see, I’ve also discovered how to make circular pictures!  Always good to learn something new and they make me smile.  I’m off to a market in Putney, south London this weekend.  Wish me luck and some good weather!

Have a good weekend.


PS – I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday – pop over to see what everyone’s been stitching up this week.


Quilt Kits

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Adaliza Quilt Store

                                                        Hill & Dale Quilt Kit

Walk in the Park Quilt Kit

                                             Walk in the Park Quilt Kit

Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit - cream

                                   Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit – cream

Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit - autumn colours

                               Whimsical Woodland Quilt Kit – autumn colours

Adaliza’s Quilt Kits

The kits contain all the fabrics needed to complete the patchwork quilt top, border and bindings.  You choose the wadding and backing fabric.  An 8-page booklet with full instructions for piecing your patchwork and suggested techniques for layering up your quilt sandwich, quilting and binding your quilt is included.  Lots of helpful tips appear throughout.  They are now available in my Quilt Store.

Quilts for sale

 Listed until the end of September in my Quilt Store

Breeze Quilt

Breeze Quilt

Sailboats & Seagulls Quilt


Foxtrot Quilt


Tranquility Quilt


Summer is drifting quietly away with the warm sunshine all too frequently giving way to clouds and rain. Evenings are decidedly chilly and it’s time to snuggle up!

Adaliza x

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