Coming along …

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The building work is coming along and the new room is very close to being finished, from a building point of view rather than a moving in point of view!

What do you think of the show so far?

fantastical lights

fantastical lights

looking down into the studio from the cutting room

looking down into the studio from the cutting & fabric store room which was the small back bedroom – this bit isn’t done yet!


there’s a pretty bathroom with patchwork tiles


and my office will be in this ‘nook’ with views out over farmland and an amazing internal window that looks down the stairs to the front door and throws light right though the middle of the house


the shelves and architrave have only been undercoated today but I simply can’t contain my excitement with the led downlight sending shafts of clear light behind the shelves through the glass. I had to ‘dress it up’ for the weekend!

from the outside it looks like a whole new house

from the outside it looks like a whole new house with weatherboard cladding in Forest Grey (it was a complete struggle to get this past planning, but SOooo worth it).  I can’t wait for the scaffold to be removed so I can see it in all its glory!

What do you think?  This is a bit of a dream for me.  We built the kitchen/diner on over 12 years ago and always intended extending on top.  The flat roof was an interim fix with a limited life-span.  It’s been great and we’ve loved the space but the latest extension has been a wonderful project for me to get my teeth into from the design right through to all the little details.


When a planning application is approved around here, the letterbox fills with introductory letters from local builders who want to quote for the work.  However, I’d met a builder when he worked on a neighbouring property and I was impressed by the quality of his workmanship and attention to detail. My son J1 is working with him.  Together they make a great team (and I make tea)!  It’s been a very gentle process – I couldn’t have coped with van loads of builders turning up and knocking my home around.  Trevor-the-builder is certainly a master craftsman and is considerate as he moves around the house.

Even the dogs have accepted his presence although Belle is still rather suspicious and views the works from a distance.  A couple of weeks ago, the landing floorboards and carpet were up (something to do with pipes), and she desperately needed to get to me in my old studio so she simply walked over the top of Trevor who was on his hands and knees in the airing cupboard!  Fortunately he likes dogs and he and his family have 4!

I’m delighted with the way it’s all moving on and can’t wait to set up my fabrics and sewing machines. Then we move on to the kitchen … I can’t wait to show you that when it’s done, but for the moment, there’s loads to do, sort and decorate.

That’s my weekend sorted, then!  What do you have planned?

Adaliza x


A room of my own …

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my sewing room …

neatly organised or what?

neatly organised or what?

This onerous task was long overdue – a total reorganisation was needed and I couldn’t pick up a needle until it was done.  A couple of weeks ago, at our local recycling centre, I spied the two sets of wall shelves (ikea, naturally) and bought them both for £8 – complete with wall fixings – just like new.  I couldn’t wait to start drilling and that’s all my own work – drilling into the wall, rawl plugs, spirit level and everything.  Once the little units were up, I added the narrow picture shelves underneath and they’re exactly the right width for ikea spice bottles, which in turn are perfectly perfect for storing little bows, buttons and bells.  I rustled up the crochet snowflake bunting – far too pretty to save for Christmas – and ‘Himself’ treated me to the paper lantern lights!  It all came together today – finally!

lantern lights

lantern lights

and by night …

paper lantern lights

paper lantern lights – Sooooo pretty

sewing table, chair & machine desk

sewing table, chair & machine desk

On the opposite side of the room, there are more shelves, a collection of pretty pictures, a tapestry and in front of the window sits my beloved Horizon with scrap bag underneath – overflowing, as always.  The table’s newly painted in two-tone pink & grey, to match the little sewing cabinet and stickback chair that I finished last week.  Phew!

Tapestry with painted frame

Tapestry with painted frame

The tapestry village scene and old prints are all charity shop finds – the deep violet frame is newly painted.  The tapestry itself is beautifully worked – all for £5 and my little collection of Mary Rose Young jugs is out of storage at last.

vintage prints

vintage prints – Spring flowers and crinoline ladies – bought in Bath

Have you spied the Ladybird books?  My favourite is …

Ladybird Book

Ladybird Book

Last summer I was again treated to a present – a vintage Ladybird book from the People at Work series.  I love the romantic pictures and vintage scenes – the technology of farming has moved on a bit since the old days and I’m sure the farmers are very pleased about that!

the farmer ploughing

the farmer ploughing

Those were the days, when the old Massey Ferguson tractors rumbled across the fields.  No safety cabs in sight, though I remember when everyone had to have roll bars fitted.   I learned to drive on one of these when I was about 10 years old!  Nothing too dangerous – a flat field, a haycart on the back and I had to steer and use only the clutch to move along at a snail’s pace.  It was SO exciting.  When I was a teenager, my first sweetheart was a farmer and I remember many a happy evening courting, whilst fixing the head gasket on the old Massey before he walked me home across the fields and we stole a kiss at the farm gate!

This evening, the sun finally appeared after last night’s gales and today’s grim and dismal cloud cover.  Having spent the afternoon sorting out my room and reminiscing over my farming book, we took a short trip out of Winchester to Cheesefoot Head where the views are stunning …

wide blue skies

wide blue skies


Everything has turned green, in just a week or so – fresh, brilliant, vibrant hedgerows with cow parsley just beginning to froth and billow and the golden rapeseed flowers covering acres and acres of Hampshire – Spring has finally sprung.

Today has been a very satisfying, happy day.  Yes, indeed!

Adaliza x

Sewing Studio update …

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Long overdue, I reorganised my space way back in July!  Out went some ceiling height wardrobes and the spare bed (sorry, kids).  It was tidy(ish) for about a day before my projects, supplies and stock all got together to bring about the organised chaos that reigns today.

Here are a few sneaky peak snippets …


There are piles of cushions, all waiting for their patchwork covers, stacked up in the gap between a tall unit and the yarn cupboard. As a week progresses, the white feather cushions are transformed into whatever colours and fabrics take my fancy.  There’s my first of the week – a pink and blue patchwork, hot off the sewing plate!

I have a full wall of cube storage, from Ikea naturally, as well as 2 tall units, a cutting out table and room for the ironing board to be permanently set up too.  Light streams in through the windows and I decided to keep the burnt orange wall – it looks jolly and bright even on the rainiest days.  The curtains are Hollyhocks design and I have always LOVED this pattern (now long since discontinued).  About 20 years ago, I bought this colourway and the red colourway too.  The curtains have moved around the house over the years and I’ve now claimed the bright pair – the red pair are in the snug, downstairs.

I treated myself to some zany bunting discs and love the contrast between old and new – old school chair, pictures, button tins and tapestries happily mixing in with fresh white units, a glass topped desk, a red desk for the Elna embroidery machine and all those fabulous fabrics.  As always, it could do with a tidy up – but I do sweep up the threads and snippets from the wood floor most days and every so often after a particularly busy week, I’ll spend half an hour re-arranging a cube or two and delight in discovering fabric swatches that I’ve already forgotten about!




I was lucky enough to win a giveaway last week – Zakka Sewing – courtesy of Karon over at My Comfort Zone.  It caused consternation amongst the collies when I unwrapped my prize – yes, the collies love Japanese inspired sewing projects too!  No, silly – Karon has a houseful of pets, including a polecat called Finzean and I think that Belle and Misty could smell him.  They knocked the book off the coffee table downstairs and then stood over it, growling at each other, as they vied for possession.  Of course, I could be mistaken – maybe they fancied the saucy squirrel teacosy on the front cover!  I haven’t had more than a good browse through and I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas.  “Thank you, Karon!”


Last week, a lovely lady arrived at my stall in Alton, wearing a broad smile.  “Christmas has arrived early” she said as I was presented with a huge bag of wondrous fabric samples, lace and braids.  It was, indeed, just like Christmas!  What a fabulous present.  “Thank you, Sue!”  I’ve been choosing some pretty pinks and blues for your “Thank You cushion’.  I’m having SUCH fun with these beautiful lawns and soft wools – the colours and designs are amazing – and such a treat to work with.

One day, when my room is nice and tidy, I’ll take you on a proper tour around – but don’t hold your breath!  I’m not a naturally clutter free, tidy person.  I’m an ‘occasional blitz and move on’ type!  I love my room – everything is set up and ready, even if I only have 10 minutes to play.  I step inside, the radio is switched on, if it’s not too cold or breezy I always open a window for a breath of fresh air and the mood is set – for sewing!

Where’s your creative space?  What projects are you working on at the moment?  Are you having fun?

Enjoy your week.

Adaliza x




Spring cleaning …

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in my sewing studio!

What a funny day, weatherwise, we’ve had today.  This morning it was frosty on the grass and poor Flora tippy-toed down to the pond in her webbed feet!  We jaunted – what a lovely word that is; a bit of a trip with no particular purpose – to Salisbury and enjoyed a wander around through the busy market square and then along Fisherton Street.  We love Salisbury and sat outside enjoying lattes in the sunshine – chilly but sunny – just fine!

This afternoon I’ve been doing a bit of a spring clean.  No photos because, silly me, I thought I’d charged the camera battery but hadn’t! It’s all tickety-boo with wools and corduroys safely stashed and yards and yards of patchwork and cushion fabrics colour stashed (well, sort of) there are Soooooooo many colours and patterns!  I   L O V E   LOVE   Love    love  my fabrics.

I couldn’t start another quilt without having a thorough sort out and it’s been done, finito, sorted!

In the middle of all the sorting and stacking, we had a rainstorm, hail and then thunder.  I dashed downstairs to shut the lid on Flora’s nest box which I leave open to give it an airing most days.  Her bed was still quite dry and sheltered, so she’ll be tucked up in there tonight safe and warm.  Phew – then back upstairs to finish the task.

Now it’s bright & sunshiney with scudding clouds of so many different colours – pinks, greys and white against a winter-blue sky.

Hopefully some photos again soon, when the camera – and the photographer – are fully charged again!

I Soooooo Love the Holidays – yippee.  Such freedom.

Adaliza x

PS  Thank you to everyone who popped by for a chat on Sunday – it was lovely to meet so many interesting people and new customers. I’m brimming full of new ideas for the next markets in May – a little bit of Spring Fever I think – bursting with energy & plans!

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