Happy : Smiley – Week 3

20/01/2013 § 2 Comments

I’ve had lots of happy:smiley moments this week, and here’s a selection …

London, Snow duck, Deer & the Sleeping Beauty

London, Snow duck, Deer & the Sleeping Beauty

Snow – snow day from work, baking in a warm kitchen, quilting whilst watching the drifting flakes, laughing at Flora as she encountered the white stuff (for the 2nd time in her little life), throwing snowballs for the collies, feeling their excitement as they chased each other over pure white meadows, watching garden birds enjoy a mealworm feast to keep them warm, feeling like a child again!

2 barn owls & a deer – fleeing moments caught in the headlights, in one evening, as we drove through the woods at twilight.  And just a few minutes from our home – magical! (not my photo above but courtesy of Google images with a link to original source)

The Sleeping Beauty (photo from English National Ballet website) – yesterday in London, tears welled up at the beauty of the Rose Adagio as we sat, enthralled by the music & magic of the ballet.  Unforgettable Forever Moments – with my daughter, remembering my mother.  Two years ago, we sat up late into the night together, in floods of tears, comforting each other and choosing music from this ballet for Mum’s funeral.  The ties that bind us together across the generations lose something in the telling but are overwhelmingly feelings of love and beauty – ‘Thank You, darling’.

Lunch with my daughter, at Gordons – great food and excellent company.  You’re beautiful, funny, confident, sensible, amazing, thoughtful and totally remarkable.  You must take after your father!!!

What a lovely week.

Adaliza x


Snow Day …

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A day for baking, and walking, and snuggling and quilting …

4" by coffee time

4″ of the white stuff, by coffee time

Oven bread rising

Oven bread rising

Leek & Potato Soup bubbling

Leek & Potato Soup bubbling

6" by teatime

 almost 6″ of white stuff, by teatime

Homemade bread & soup

After a walk with the dogs down to the farm and then home again, I tucked Flora up for the night in her thick meadow-hay & shavings bed in her hutch.  A mug of hot, parmesan sprinkled, rib-sticking soup with a slice of still warm double oven bread was a perfect way to thaw out.

Enchanted Tree

Enchanted Tree

Followed by more warmth & comfort – my favourite sweet treat …

Sticky Gingerbread

Sticky Gingerbread (Nigella’s recipe)

Yum!  There’s nothing like some home-made comfort food.

Big decision now, do I put my feet up and crochet (which will keep them very warm), or do I finish a new quilt that I fitted in today around my animal & kitchen duties?  Not sure which will win, but I hope you’re warm & cosy this evening, wherever you are.

Enjoy the weekend.

Adaliza x




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