Beautiful Spring …

15/04/2015 § 7 Comments

apr 8


apr 11a

apr 13


Can’t wait for the grass to grow. There are sweet peas all planted next to the large trellis panel.


apr 9

a favourite ‘snap’ – wish I’d put the parasols up though

have I been busy or what?

have I been busy or what?

What do you think of my beautiful table cover?  Ultra pretty colours and oh so practical.  I’ve got 4 of them!  One’s round – for the patio table; all the others are rectangular – to fit the larger garden tables. Have I been busy or what???????

Well no, I haven’t been busy with my crochet hook !!!!  They’re from our local discount supermarket and cost under £4 each – ultimate bargain – and they’re huge.  When I popped in there yesterday another lady saw mine at the till and whizzed off to buy a couple for herself – they really are pretty and machine washable.  The crochet stitches are so lifelike.  It’s Aldi, if you want one – but I think you’ll have to be quick!

Here’s my garden sewing studio – can’t believe I’m sewing in the garden in April …

april 2

april 1

Misty and Mrs Quacky say Hello – Belle was too busy to be photographed.  She was ‘helping’ J2 with his latest artwork.  She lays there and gazes at him all day.

apr 2

Darling Misty


Mrs Quacky Flora Puddleduck

All the photos are with my new little pocket camera – a Canon SX600.  Zoom x18, video recorder and so much more – I’m very pleased with the photos too.

Now, I’ve another quilt on my big machine upstairs so I’ll do my sewing indoors in the morning, and set up some tasks for outside for the sunny afternoons – long may they last.

Adaliza x




A wander around my garden …

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Mother Duck has been snatching sunny moments in the garden.  She’s been having a lovely time finding worms for me – such a tasty treat – and I’ve been helping by getting under her feet and pushing my beak in where her trowel is digging and planting.  I can’t wait till she gets going in the main garden instead of faffing around with pots of bulbs and those big white sinks.

I thought you might like to see some rare winter colours and pretty corners of my garden …

Alpine garden in a sink

Alpine garden in a sink – see the tiny blue iris?


Mistletoe growing in the apple tree – Storm’s horseshoe must have brought good luck!



Latest alpine garden – see the little squirrel who lives in the upturned pot?



wonderful colours – Mother Duck feels a quilt coming on in these colours



Secretive snowdrops by the waterfall



a pot of snowdrops next to the bay tree



one of my favourite spots in the garden – the waterfall that trickles into the big pond


I had a peek into the kitchen and I can tell you – those hyacinths have the most amazing scent

Then, I had a waddle down to see what was happening under the rose arch, then back to my daytime perch on the verandah – it’s a bit chilly and damp today.  Good weather for ducks!!!

a waddle down the garden to check on the snowdrops

a waddle down the garden to check on the snowdrops

Mother Duck’s been doing a lot of quilting so I’m sure she’ll have lots to show you next time!

Flora Puddleduck x

Flora Puddleduck x

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