Lazy Sundays …

22/01/2012 § 14 Comments

It’s a funny day – Sunday – don’t you find?

When I was young – fancy free and  – well, just generally footloose I guess, it was a funny day.  And now, with middle-aged contentment omnipresent, it’s still a funny day.  I remember grey, drizzly wet Sundays in Wales.  The pubs were all shut, the chapel timetable had to be adhered to – and I didn’t even go to chapel!  But trotting past on my pony, who would generally shy and create a scene when confronted by all the Sunday hats, was rather disapproved of, or so I felt!  So chapel times of arrival and departure were to be avoided. There was no farming activity, other than the stock to be fed.  No hay was cut or gathered in, even if a dry spell was forecast to break.

When our children were in school, there was the looming cloud of ‘school tomorrow’.  Friday night treats and Saturday’s freedom all forgotten, there was the trudge of clean washing & ironing and of course the dreaded homework to be finished.  The boys say that I’d plonk myself down after all the weekend’s happenings and reply – to whatever emergency presented itself – homework/uniform/cookery ingredients/cash requests  – “It’s Sunday night, and I’m trying to relax!”

I too had work in the morning and Sunday evenings were to be strung out for as long as possible.

I don’t know how people manage if they hate their job.  I love teaching and have been ‘back-in-the-saddle’ for an awfully long time now, since having a bit of a break while our three ‘under 4’s’ were under about 5!  I’d hate to have just 2 days off each week from a job that wasn’t fulfilling and a bit of a challenge at times.

Today’s Sunday though, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s been a lazy, but fairly productive day.  We were thinking of going out for lunch, or getting an ‘English’ take away from a new place that’s opened nearby – traditional hot English meals to take home.  Well, I looked at the prices, which are actually not that extortionate, I decided very quickly that I could pop to the supermarket and feed us for at least 2 days for the same amount!

Roast chicken, loads of veg and a pineapple upside-down pudding with custard is on the menu for tonight.  Our eldest son has a bit of a bug, so my excuse is that he needs feeding up – in a good old-fashioned sort of way!  Tomorrow I’ll make some soup and we’ll have the leftover chicken and potatoes in a salad.

I spent ages doing some quilting this morning and pieced up another one too. I’m looking forward finishing them both (hopefully) for my gallery show in February.  You’ll have to pop back to see them in the week.  The one that’s almost done is called Meadowsweet!

Here are the lap quilts I finished earlier this week …

Dolly Daydreams

Farmyard Friends

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - folk art hearts galore!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday and it leads you gently into a lovely week.  There are always some interesting and inspiring tales and makes over at Wendy’s Handmade Monday blog.

The bulbs are poking their heads up in the garden – Spring is just around the corner!

There are primroses in bloom outside the front door!

Adaliza x

PS – and dinner’s smelling just fine too!

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