42nd Street

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razzmatazz, sequins, 1930’s nostalgia and a tap-dancing extravaganza


Did I enjoy this show?

Did I   E N J O Y   this show?  

The Stars Were Out, the Broadway Lullaby floated from the stage and the dancers enthralled us on a footlight-sparkling staircase – thundering rhythmic tap routines – throughout the performance.

It was brilliant.  I want to go again. I must – I must!

The story is told in full here (thanks Wikipedia) and here (current touring company)! But words fail to capture the breath-taking tap dancing and heart-stopping lyrics & melodies that filled me with awe and excitement.

If you want a taste, then click here for a different performance, by a larger company – but at the Mayflower Theatre, in Southampton earlier in the week, the story came to life and I loved every single minute.  The 2nd Act was totally amazing – scenery, costumes, songs and dance routines – I’ll remember it for ever.

Were the stars out last night?  Well, they are every night, wherever you are, if you go to see this performance!

Adaliza x



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