Wonderful Taste of Wickham Food Festival …

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Taste of Wickham 2016

Taste of Wickham 2016

Taste of Wickham 2016 - Adaliza's Patchwork Stall

Will you just look at the colour of that sky?  Who’d have thought that after one of the most miserable, dank and wet Saturdays of the year, Sunday would turn out like this?  As I set off across country to the Taste of Wickham Food Festival yesterday, it was a pure Autumn morning with gentle layers of mist across the landscape and steam rising as the sun broke through.  Then, with all the mist gone, the sun had the skies to herself, with not a cloud in sight!

Everyone for miles turned out – thousands of folk came along to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, good food, attractions, live music and of course, the patchwork quilts!  It was an absolute joy to be a stallholder at this event and I met SOooooo many lovely people.

Just one more look at that blue sky – although we’re meant to be having a mini heatwave this week so maybe, just maybe we’ll get to enjoy some sunshine before Autumn sets in …

Taste of Wickham 2016

When my daughter *C* was a toddler, my Mum and Dad used to come to stay and Mum loved the tearoom in Wickham that overlooks the square.  It’s a long time ago, but some memories stay with us and that simple tea and cakes is ingrained in my mind – it was lovely to go back to this pretty little town yesterday.

A busyish week lies ahead and then some R&R next week.  See you soon …



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