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Cartref is Welsh for home – and I’ve come home!

So much has happened and I’ve dealt with the stuff life throws at me in my usual way – head down, make a list, tick stuff off, organise everything – and everyone. I can’t share everything that’s happened – that would mean I’d be writing a book, but in a nutshell my old Dad is approaching his 95th birthday and now lives in a nursing home following a fall in May 2019. It’s been a long haul. Our home in Wales, had been neglected over the years – it was a huge decision but it took me only a matter of minutes to make it – to refurbish the cottage from top to bottom!

It’s taken 15 months and so much work by a fantastic local team of craftsmen – they’ve been absolutely brilliant even though I was over 200 miles away for most of the time. Now it’s warm and cosy, brimming with memories and the chance to make new ones … !

You may have noticed that I have company – there’s a new addition to our family …

So, I feel as though Country Roads have brought me home, after a long, long time away. It’s been unsettling and I can’t explain it, but sometimes we just have to follow our instinct and see what happens!

Adaliza x

A little jaunt …

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to Wales, to see my Dad …

It’s a very long way to travel by myself with only the collies in the car for company, but I fastened my seatbelt (and theirs) and we took a jaunt to West Wales for a few days.  Flora stayed behind with Aunty B.

We saw Red Kites swirling and twisting in the skies, dolphins off New Quay beach and lots of the neighbouring farmer’s cows!  Like many rural natives they’re both nosey and friendly at the same time!


they have such expressive faces – I’m sure I’ll use these photos as inspiration for some cushions in a week or so.


I was delighted to be able to zoom in on this red beauty – in the purest blue sky on the coast road to Cardigan.
We enjoyed lunches in local towns and meals in the local hostelry during the evenings, as well as ice creams by the beach and far too many welsh cakes!

I’m definitely going to serve up some of these spicy little cakes next week, cooked on an old-fashioned griddle.  I found quite the best I’ve ever tasted at a local bakery – they were absolutely delicious.

And Dad – well, he’s fine and dandy – at 90 years old!


This is quite the best photo I’ve ever seen of him and it wasn’t taken by me.  His neighbours have a young daughter who is just two and half years old (she and he share the same birthday in December)!  I took some snaps of them all together and then handed the camera over to her and under her mother’s watchful eye, she pressed the button and just look at that wonderful photo.  She’s a very gifted portrait photographer – and at such a young age!  “Thank You, G”.

I’m pleased to be back home again though it’s always a huge wrench to leave him, but he’s fiercely independent and loves his home – as I do mine!

Alton market is on tomorrow – for those of you who are in the area.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

Adaliza x

East or West – Wales is best!

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What a pretty little cottage – with an amazing weathervane!

No, don’t get excited, we haven’t decided to move (yet), but last weekend tugged at my heartstrings again as we returned to Wales.  The Harbourmaster Hotel in Aberaeron is a brilliant place to stay – right on the harbourside.  Imagine my excitement when we went up to the room and there was a wonderful Melin Tregwynt bed cover – in RED!!!  Oh complete joy!!

Although we were hardly there in daylight, I managed a couple of quick jaunts around the harbour and village with my camera in the early morning, and evening.  It had been raining and the river water, where it flowed into the harbour was thick with mud from the heavy rainfall up in the hills …

I love the coloured houses in this pretty seaside town, which every year in August hosts one of my favourite events – the Festival of Welsh Ponies & Cobs.

What beautiful colour combinations …

It was a busy weekend and lovely to see Dad.  We fitted in a trip to see relations in south Wales too.  Life is hectic at the moment – these short days make me feel that I have to complete everything outdoorsy in daylight and fitting it all in around my teaching job means that I’m under a bit of pressure.  Good long evenings to spend sewing though – and snuggling under those crochet blankets!

I haven’t forgotten the giveaway, which will be very soon – and I’ve got a new sewing-room toy (well several actually) to show you too.  Have a guess what they are – 4 different sizes, very reasonably priced and the results are yards and yards long and I’m having loads of fun thinking of ways to use what I’ve produced.

Go on – have a guess!

I’ll show and tell next time – maybe Saturday, if I have a moment or two spare.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend – Winchester is hosting the Retro & Vintage market on Sunday and I’ll be there, all wrapped up against the freezing cold!

Adaliza x

Summertime – going, going …

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not quite gone!

Happy memories of a wonderful season here in Hampshire, my home in Wales, Devon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire …


Last night on the weather forecast (which is really good for the weekend – yippee), the presenter said that for statistical purposes, summer ends tomorrow – 31 August.  But Mother Nature signals the passing of a season in so many more subtle ways than merely by a date.  The signs have been creeping up for a week or so.  From a few degrees of heat-loss throughout the day, dewy mornings, ripening fruit on the trees and bushes and our own special season indicator – our white birch tree.  This magnificent specimen which graces our lawn, and from which over the years, swings have swung, teenagers have huddled and ducks have nested (well one duck anyway), has developed a decidedly golden tinge – if I was painting in watercolours, there would be significantly more gold than green in the mix!

Tomorrow evening we’ll wave goodbye to summer and all that she has shared with us.  It’s been wonderful and I’ve loved every minute.  Autumn is my very favourite season of the year though I never quite know why.  The colours, I think are closest to my heart – auburn leaves, russet fruit and golden browns with a misty cloak drawn over magical mornings, sparkling cobwebs and the need to wear wools again, after weeks of cottons and linens.  Yes, I love the autumn.

I finished an amazing shawl/scarf for myself last week and will show you very soon.  I’m working on another one in the evenings as I simply love, love, love working with lace-weight yarn at the moment.  I haven’t yet photographed all the quilts I made over the summer, but I’ll have to get on with it as it’s the first fair of the Autumn in Winchester on Sunday.  The Vintage & Retro market will be in full swing so if you’re passing by, then stop and say hello.  I hope others will be looking forward to snuggling up and decide to treat themselves to a quilt!

Bye bye summertime, hello Autumn!


A jaunt to the west coast …

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Sounds like fun!  A mixture of duty and trepidation, with a good dose of emotion added – just for good measure!

I’m hoping for …

some sunshine and a dose of some daffodil magic.  We’ll see …


Adaliza x

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