Country-Living Spring Fair …

25/03/2012 § 8 Comments

I did have a lovely day yesterday at the C-L Fair!

So much to see – and buy!  We had lots of treats and maybe the best of all was being able to share the day with my all-grown-up daughter.  Apart from strolling around and enjoying the stalls together, we had coffees, amazing raspberry & white chocolate muffins, lunch at The Hilton and she waited patiently, surrounded by our shopping bags, whilst I had one more look around Loop in Islington on our way home!

We visited Camden Stables market which was memorable – most of all for the statues of the horses which were superb!  It was such a good idea to take the bus back to Waterloo – so much to see, so many famous addresses en route.  Altogether a brilliant day out.

“Thank You – Sunflower!”

I’ve returned home brimming with ideas and today I’ve been busy …

Suffolk Puff patchwork is so much fun.  I saw some yesterday and couldn’t wait to get home and have a go.  It’s been years since I made anything with these adorable puffs. Oh – look at the chair I picked up this morning too …

How totally Country-Living is this combo?  A retro chair, a vintage knitted blanket and a soft, scrummy patchwork cushion!  I’m also working on recovering a beautiful round basket – just the job for a sewing basket and …

This is a Hollywood Themed wedding cushion for M & R who are getting hitched later in the year.  They specified diamonte, black & white – very glam!  The lace is actually sparkly too and in the sunshine it positively glimmers.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day for the happy couple.

Talking of sunshine – today has been brilliant too.  Buzzards soaring overhead here at home, the first cut of the grass and sitting outside to do some sewing (suffolk punching)!  I also enjoyed a Pimms – made from tea!  We tasted this great idea yesterday at the fair and treated ourselves to some tea from The Lawn.  This afternoon I enjoyed Rhubarb Patch Tea, topped up with fruit & lemonade – just perfect for a sunny afternoon!

And now there’s another hour to enjoy the garden and still some evening time to enjoy rippling time before bed!

OOOoooo I do love Springtime!

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Adaliza x

Wedding give-away …

11/03/2012 § 17 Comments

Do you know someone who’s getting married?

Would they like a ring cushion?

Double click on the photos to see a larger version

Measuring approximately 6″ square, the ring cushion is white linen (so not brilliant, bleached white), a lace edging, delicate white & softest pink embroidery, tiny sparkly beads (to be added) and a chic linen heart, the cushion is still missing something – a pair of initials embroidered in the centre.  Would you like them to be yours, for your special day?  

You can choose whether to have soft pink ribbon or white, for your ring bows.  The same for your initials – white, stone or pink embroidery.  The heart can be chosen too, from a range of beautiful fabrics.

It will be finished and posted to you as a special gift and there’s an added 25% off wedding favour mirrors if you order those too.  They can match the heart on your cushion to remind your friends of your special day.

Why?  Well, I want to make a really special cushion to use as a sample for my website.  I’d love to be able to share a photo of your special day too.  I’ll need to complete the cushion, so if you’re getting married after 30 March, and you’d like to be in with a chance of winning then all you have to do is to leave a comment below with your email, and let me know a bit about your special day.

Someone will be chosen at random by Flora (the duck) – I’ll see which one she likes from your names spread out in front of her on Thursday 15 March so leave your comment by bedtime on Wednesday!

One less thing to worry about on the day – “Where are the rings?”

Pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday to see what else has been designed and created this week too.

Adaliza x


Vintage gold …

03/03/2012 § 15 Comments

In the sunshine this morning …

this pair of cushions really started to glow.  In the house, of course, they pick up the light from a lamp or through a window so they can shine at any time of the day or night!

I’ve been wanting to make more use of my lovely embroidery machine too and have been working on ideas and designs for a while …

What do you think?

I’m also going to take orders for wedding/anniversary cushions with ‘Mr & Mrs XXXXXXXX’ in the centre.  Hope that if you’re in Winchester tomorrow you pop by to say Hello at the Vintage & Retro Market – bring your brolley, it looks like rain until the afternoon at least.

PART TWO  –  Sunday ::

Oh dear – ‘Bring a brolley.’  That was an understatement of what was needed today!  Brollies were blowing inside-out in the gusts, so more drastic measures were called for – snowboots, gloves, multiple pairs of socks, riding mac, huge jumpers, massive rain hat.   I was warm enough, and dry too but there were poor souls less well prepared who quite literally, froze.  There was a dramatic snowstorm just after midday and that was enough for me I’m afraid.  His Nibs in the chariot was summoned and I packed up early.  Suffice to say, sales were very few and far between.  What bad luck for us all at the Retro market today.

There was lots of interest in personalised wedding cushion presents though.  I was also asked if I could make a ‘ring cushion’ and I think I’ve had plenty of cushion practice!  It was lovely to see people who’d bought Christmas stockings and to catch up with friends and neighbours who dropped by.  It was even more lovely to come home to the snug house, have a hot shower and 2 steaming mugs of tea (definitely a winter mug for today)!

No photos today, but maybe some more in the week.  Pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday link up to see what everyone’s been up to.  Hope the Spring weather returns soon – I miss it!

Adaliza x

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