Waffling along?

26/04/2012 § 5 Comments

If you’re hoping for recipes, then look away now – this post is all about WOOLLY WAFFLING!

We didn’t have waffles in Wales, when I was growing up!  It’s a lovely word though, don’t you think?

We had honeycombs!  Another delightful word, to describe truly delicious blankets …

Some of my best honeycomb blankets are still at home with Dad, in Wales, but these two are much used and loved, here in Winchester.

I’m so in love with the texture of these and the warmth is amazing.  They’re huge and quite heavy and I love to have a honeycomb on the bed in the middle of winter – snuggling up under the weight of that wool – oohhh I almost wish it was winter all over again!

I  bought both of them, several years apart, from a local Sunday morning boot sale.  I spied the red one, over the arm of a young woman, as she made her way around the stalls. She’d arrived early and when I sort of bumped into her, accidentally-on-purpose, and admired her purchase, she said she’d bought it as a picnic blanket for a family outing later that day.  I was miffed – I was Sooooo upset – I made her an offer!  I asked what she’d paid for it – about £2 ‘cos it was a bit worn in places, so I offered her £5 so she could go and buy a really nice one!  Surprised, but able to see the plus side, she agreed and IT WAS MINE!

The green one came from the same sale, and was absolutely filthy.  But – it was in fabulous condition (under the dust).

Do you know how to tell  whether a woollen blanket has been looked after?

Apart from the obvious – holes, stains etc, you can always tell a blanket by its fringe.  See how the red one has twisted and gone lumpy? This was probably caused by being washed in too-hot water so felting has started.  Just look at the pure threads of the green and pink fringe – pristine!  I paid £4 for the huge green one and immediately put it onto a cool tumble dry which very effectively blew away all the grubby dust.  The last thing you want to do is wash these – get them dry cleaned, or simply put out on the line in a shower then leave to blow dry and tumble on cool.

On the waffly theme, I saw a picture of a cushion the other day, made from waffle stitch crochet.  Intrigued, I went searching for ideas …

I had a little play about with yesterday’s round cushion, and then played a little more yesterday evening …

it doesn’t show up very effectively and would probably be best in one colour.  This side is the waffle side with ridges (that don’t show up too well in a photo) but I just LOVE the flip side …

This stitch involves crocheting ’round the post’ – a treble worked from behind and round the stem of the previous row, rather than into the top of the previous row.  Look how it makes that pretty pattern of dots in the centre – clever isn’t it.

I’m only playing about at the moment and will have a go at the proper waffle in one colour soon, but I’m still using up those ends and waffling on!!!

It’s nearly the weekend – and it’s actually stopped raining, for a few minutes anyway!

Adaliza x

PS I had some brilliant feedback about a large curriculum subject that I lead and manage today. I don’t blog about my work, but it’s a lovely feeling when hard work and team effort is recognised & rewarded – I’m going to have a Rosy-Glow evening!

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