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In the raised bed by the patio, many years ago, I planted a climber – for colour and perfume.  Last winter I really cut it back very hard, fed it regularly and I’m being rewarded with the most glorious display ever. On these still, warm June evenings the perfume is quite delicious.  Every day intensely deep burnt orange buds open into full glorious blooms then fade to pale parchment before the petals fall.

For Father’s Day a good while back, the children bought my husband a Dublin Bay rose.  He loved Dublin very much and every year returned to his grandfather’s home nation to take his students on a trip – so many who came to his memorial remember those trips as the highlight of their entire degree course! Dublin Bay rose is sublime, the colour indescribable – such an impossibly red, red!  It clambers over the workshop verandah and I love, love, love it.

Dublin Bay 2

Dublin Bay

Back in the grey days of winter, I had a vision of the front of my house, covered in a pretty rambling rose and I treated myself to Albertine.  I wrote about in my 400th post, and all the other landscaping works that were done, here.  Today I gasped as the first bloom appeared …

first ever Albertine

I think it needs a bit of a drink and the rose had probably opened yesterday, but still it’s in bloom and I can’t wait for it to grow and grow all up and over the front of the house.


Pure Abundance is a white patio rose that delivers beautiful blooms every year and today I treated myself to yet another pretty patio rose that just needs a suitable pot to plant it in (more treats)!


I love using industrial/utilitarian pieces in the garden and at the local recycling place the other day, I spied a rusty old oil funnel and swapped it for 2 irreparable garden seats.  The lawnmower bucket came home with me over 20 years ago, with a lawnmower attached!  Last Spring it went onto a skip and then, when the boys weren’t looking, I got it out again.  It’s been hanging around for years and I’ve never known quite what to do with it but the other afternoon, after bringing my trophy oil can home, I took a pickaxe to the side of it to create a hole (and a very large dent) and created something that makes me smile – and I’m certain in the knowledge that there’s not another one of these planters in the world!


another collection of old glass - the coke bottle is spray-painted

another collection of old glass – the coke bottle is spray-painted pink

There are sweet peas clambering up a trellis by the greenhouse, irises in the front garden and foxgloves everywhere …





Did you spot the happy duck in the photo above?

Flora sends you all her love (from the pond) …


Enjoy your garden and the sunshine

Adaliza x


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