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Holding back the river Itchen

Holding back the River Itchen

Holding back the River Itchen

I’ve known the lower part of Winchester flood before, many years ago, but it appears that (fingers crossed) the innovative flood defences are holding back the water and preventing it flooding into the City itself this time.  The orange box in the photo above is a huge pump and the hose runs probably .25 of a mile to another part of low lying land to shift tons of water without homes being affected.  As we returned from Alton earlier on today, there were roads closed everywhere and so many people in yellow jackets.

The photos are from this report by BBC news.

Today has been horribly wet and very windy.  Driving to Alton was like being in a submarine, with so much standing water and spray on the roads.  There was a brief dry spell this afternoon for 20 minutes and I shot up to the local farm with the collies, for their walk.  I slipped and slithered about in the wet mud and puddles and coming back up towards the road, I felt as though I was slipping backwards – every step slipped.  I popped the girls back on their leads to give me a much-needed tow!

Flora Puddleduck was having a wonderful time this morning, in torrential rain, grubbing around under the pots and leaves out in the garden.  By lunchtime though she was looking a bit fed up and had tucked her beak under her wing.  Without her head and neck sticking up, she forms a sort of aerodynamic, elongated tear-drop shape overall and the rain just runs off her oily feathers – yeah – like water off a duck’s back!!! She comes up to the back door where it’s sheltered from the wind when she’s fed up – I guess it’s a bit warmer up here too.

I’m hoping the flood barriers hold back the river and everyone stays safe and warm.  I feel so sorry for those further to the East, by the River Thames and further west, in Somerset where the floods are relentless.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.

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