Blue Grass …

08/04/2016 § 3 Comments

it’s a quilt – for cowboys!

cowboy patchwork quilt

cowboy patchwork quilt

cowboy patchwork quilt

The colours remind me of prairie cowboys and the focus fabric has bucking broncos galloping across the western plains, lassos whirling!  It’s a perfect single bed quilt for a little boy who dreams of becoming a cowboy when he’s grown up – and this is a ‘college’ style quilt that could easily be taken off to university, as a reminder of home comforts.

I’ll be taking this quilt with me to Alton Makers’ Market tomorrow and some cheeky little foxes will be coming too …

Little Foxes patchwork quilt

I’m really enjoying getting out and about at the weekends, though I didn’t have far to go last Sunday as the Antiques Vintage & Retro market made it’s monthly appearance on Winchester’s High Street.  It was a beautiful day, with just a hint of warmth in the Spring sunshine.

Adaliza's Patchwork Quilt Stall

In the garden, colour is beginning to appear in the Spring bulbs …

Red Tulips

and a secretive visitor was ‘spotted’ in my curly willow tree  …


down by the pond, the snowdrops have disappeared, the daffs are in full bloom alongside the later flowering and taller ‘Snowflake’ snowdrops – and the bluebells are almost out


Enjoy your weekend.


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With a waddle and a quack …

06/12/2011 § 3 Comments

and much flapping …

Flappy duck

Flora got fed up being photographed on the garden bench!

“There’s good long grass with lots of lovely bugs, just waiting for me to gobble them up.  I’ve been here for 30 seconds and I’m off.”

In a flap, she landed and, because Flora can’t actually fly (too fat), she bumped her chin!  Then straight into Hyper Waddle, all the way back to the apple tree, to scourge the grass for tasty bugs!

Just before she flapped off though …






We had a little chat about what I was doing with the clicky-thing and whether I was really going to make her a headscarf, to wear on Christmas day!  We love our clucky chats, but I think that Flora loves bugs-in-the-grass more …



She’s still laying eggs (and hiding them around the garden in secret nests) and a couple, fried on top of crisp toast, were just the ticket for C who popped in on her way back up North.  It was lovely to see my great friend, over from the States yesterday, too.  We shared an evening of catch-up, long overdue, and I went home from my favourite Brasserie Blanc with a warm glow – tasty food, great company and shared stories about sewing machines and quilting!

Back to the sewing machine(s) now, to replenish stock for this weekend’s fairs (yes, it’s plural) …

Saturday in Alton – Craft Market & Farmers Market
Sunday in Winchester – Special Christmas Market & Farmers Market

Much sewing to be done,
Friends, family and fun …

Adaliza x

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