‘Tis the season …

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to wrap up warm and start knitting!

Winter scarves & snoods

Winter scarves & snoods

On our recent trip to Cardiff, we stopped off in Bath so that I could jaunt – at top speed – to a couple of my favourite shops.  I treated myself to a ball of sock wool (from a dry cleaners, can’t remember which one), and then in a fit of complete madness, to a set of Knit Pro Symfonie double pointed needles, from Wool.

I had no idea what I’d be making, had no pattern or plan but whilst watching the starlings over the bay, I picked up the ball of wool and these beautiful needles and started to knit!  I do like knitting, but a crochet hook has become my tool-of-choice for so long now.  These needles are AMAZING – so wonderful to hold, almost soft – it’s like knitting with air.  They’re warm too – I hate cold knitting needles and hooks!

Here’s what’s been flying off my needles, and hooks …

Sock Yarn mittens

Sock Yarn mittens

More mittens

more mittens in Rowan

I didn’t have a pattern, so cast on sufficient stitches to fit around my wrist.  The thumb bit just sort of happened and I started the 2nd mitten at the same stripe in the yarn so they match.  A crochet cuff and top row was all that was needed to complete them and boy are they warm.  I started a snood in Solomon’s Knot crochet, but am not so in love with this so it will probably be unravelled very soon and I’ll try something else with the remainder of the ball.

The teal yarn was a me-treat and so were the 2nd set of Knit Pro needles, in a larger size!  In fact, they’re almost finished as I took these photos yesterday morning, and had a fun time last evening making up the finishing touches – crochet cuff, top and thumb-top – no draughts please!

Winter scarves & snoods

Winter scarves & snoods

Teamed up with last year’s scarf and snood creations, I’m feeling ready for Winter!  I think the change in the season can be exactly marked by the date when my red snood is brought from it’s summer nest and snuggled around my neck.  I can’t be parted from it – other layers are added for extra warmth!

My new seasonal fashion love is my poncho.  Never thought I’d wear one – I remember them in the 1960’s!  But good old Sainsburys – on one of their recent 25% off weekends – tempted me, and I love it.  So warm for chilly evenings, driving and daytime jaunts.  I shop at only the best retailers, as you can tell – Sainsburys for clothes and Aldi for food!  We did jaunt to Compton Marbling Christmas Fair last weekend though – such a pretty location in rural Wiltshire.  Great stalls and the festive atmosphere that really kicked off Winter and the Festive Season, for me.

Compton Marbling Christmas Fair weekend

Compton Marbling Christmas Fair weekend

Snuggle up – it’s getting very cold out there!

Adaliza x

PS – just discovered that Knit Pro also do sets of crochet hooks and they’ve made it straight onto my Christmas list!

Wonderful day out in Bath …

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We’ve been out and about – jaunting!

I love that word – a bumble-along through the countryside avoiding major roads, through English villages and country towns, past meadows of well-rounded sheep and cattle and grazing ponies, alongside woods with trees just darkening their greens and turning to russet shades almost before our eyes, behind busy tractors with fresh soil clinging to harrows and ploughs.

The destination is important – and yesterday, it was right up there with my favourite places ever – the city of Bath!

I had a bit of time to myself, after we arrived, to visit 3 of my favourite shops  –

Grasse (I returned home with another little duck, this time in stone)!

Wool (you can guess what I treated myself to in here)!

Country Threads (limited myself to a few half-metres of amazing fabrics – what a choice)!

We had a quick coffee in the indoor market, gazed over at the Weirs and a pleasure boat carrying out a difficult turning manoeuvre which left the stern perilously close to the first waterfall (they were attached by a rope to the shore, but it looked exciting), I dashed hither and thither (Himself wasn’t up to dashing about and had more coffee + a sit down), and then we had lunch.

It was a late lunch –  we were joined by our youngest who you may remember moved to Bristol a few weeks ago.  We met up at a brilliant Italian restaurant which doesn’t appear to have a website that I can link to – I think they may have just changed their name.  Anyway, excellent food (J had a super steak), great atmosphere and many tales of what he’s up to in his new home (probably an abridged version, but that’s just fine, he looked well) and a catch up with our news of home, collies and Flora (who wasn’t that impressed by Ducky, when introduced later in the day)!  Gosh she’s about 3 times the size of Ducky who’s quite a chunky Mallard-sized stone specimen, himself!

Flora’s going through one of her ‘independent’ stages – sometimes she’s quite cuddly and affectionate, but these past few weeks she marches about, quacking loudly and refuses to be cuddled without protesting.  I would never have imagined that keeping a pet duck could be so absorbingly interesting – and amusing.

One of my favourite things about Bath is that all my favourite places & shops are still there (since this well-documented visit last year) – I didn’t have time in a day to jaunt absolutely everywhere, as I do on weekend visits, but it was a wonderful day out and we were welcomed home by dozy, warm dogs (they sleep a lot when we’re out) and Flora quacking and a-tapping on the back door!

Ah – I need today (Sunday) to recover and reflect on that lovely day out and put Ducky into his ‘place’ on the patio, alongside a stone planter with my lucky horseshoe and pebbles!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Adaliza x

PS – more photos of Bath in this post Looking Up

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