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Dorset - Sherborne, Weymouth & Woolbridge

Dorset – Sherborne, Weymouth & Woolbridge Manor

Some Happy & Smiley moments from my weekend – we’ve been jaunting in Dorset!

We stayed last night in Sherborne and today’s bright sunshine & clear skies were a welcome change from yesterday’s downpours.  One not so happy smiley moment was when my waterproof boots sprung a leak – ugh!  I hate having cold wet feet but in fairness, the rain was torrential and they were overwhelmed!

I popped out this morning, to take some photos in the grounds of the Abbey …


Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm

I finished hand-sewing the binding edge on Sunflower Farm Quilt yesterday and took Carnival with me for ‘something to work on’!  I do get some funny looks when I whip a huge crochet blanket out of my shopping bag and start taking photos!

So – for my 4 things that made me Smile and feel Happy this week:

The Cerne Abbas Giant (in the top collage) – ‘Girls, you just have to smile’!!!
If you follow the link, you’ll see why in much more graphic detail than in my photo!

Being reminded of Wales, by the pub sign at the Plume of Feathers pub in Sherborne

Seeing winter walkers on the beach in sunny (if very chilly) Weymouth at lunchtime

Taking some photos of Woolbridge Manor in Dorset
My husband’s favourite aunt used to live there, when she worked at the Manor as a girl

That’s about all from me for today.  I love a good jaunt and I treated myself to half a yard of pretty fabric & 2 CK cake tins that were in a sale, so all in all a really happy weekend to remember.

 Pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday, over at the Handmade Harbour, to see what else everyone’s been up to.

Will we have snow?   I SOOooooooo hope so!!!!!

Adaliza x

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