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27/02/2012 § Leave a comment

Y Cei in Cardigan town …

“The quay was historically a point of departure and return and, as such, is a site of contradictory emotions.  For those leaving or returning, and those bidding farewell or welcoming loved ones home, it is a place of beginnings and endings, of sunset and sunrise; it can be as bitter as brine or as comforting as a breeze.”  In Welsh, the words appear along the quayside wall.

It was difficult to tear myself away from Ceredigion this weekend.

From the lovespoons and window preparations for our national saint’s day on Thursday – Dydd Dewi Sant; to the otter guarding the lower castle wall and quay in Cardigan; from the mists across the valley at sunrise and winter trees; to the ancient streets and farmhouses – yes, indeed, it was hard for me to leave.

Adaliza x

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