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Guess How much I Love You Quilt ::
“Thank you so much for the quick delivery. Quilt arrived on time as stated. The name tag looks simply amazing! It really finishes the quilt off and makes for the perfect gift. I absolutely love the quilt and is exactly how I remember it. The quality of the work and materials are second to none – very unique “one-off” pieces. Great communication, excellent service with a product that beats all. Thank you again.” SS, Herts

Dandelion Clock Quilt ::
“I was a tad overwhelmed at how stunning the quilt was/is.
I have spent the afternoon looking at our new quilt and I have to say it is marvellous. I have no idea how you manage to interpret ‘I would like a teal coloured quilt’ to the quilt we now have in our possession – the pattern and the colours selected are just perfect for us and the bedroom decor. The workmanship in the quilt is outstanding as usual! We just can’t thank you enough.”  JF, Hampshire

Alec’s Quilt ::
We absolutely love it! A perfect mix of warmth, style and interest. Thanks so much for your trouble in including fabric which is so right for our friends. My only regret is that it’s a present so we need to give it away.   JG, Hampshire  (Quilt)

Siesta & Poppy’s Quilt ::
Thank you for my wonderful quilt, I absolutely love it. The colours and patterns are matched so beautifully. I am not sure if I want it to be on my bed or in my living room on the settee. Either way, it adds a little magic to the room! This is actually the 2nd quilt I have from your collection. They are delightful and will be loved, appreciated and handed down generation after generation. I am so proud to have an Adaliza Quilt. (Quilt)  SP, Hampshire

Sailing By – sailboats & seagulls Quilt ::
I saw Adaliza’s stall at Alton Farmers Market and was so delighted by the beauty of her work that I bought two patchwork bedspreads. One, with nautical references, is so evocative that I asked her to make me two matching cushions. I love them all so much…the colors, patterns, and perfection of the construction. I now sit with them whenever I want to feel peaceful and content, listening to the sounds of breaking waves on my Ipad…..mmmm.  (quilt) JW, Hampshire

Woodland Anniversary Quilt ::
“What can I say…?! The quilt that you have worked so hard on for our silver wedding anniversary has exceeded all expectations! The selection of the fabrics for the quilt has encapsulated our personalities and lifestyle perfectly. The workmanship is of the highest quality. Thank you so much for helping us represent a landmark year with such a very beautiful quilt.”  Mrs JF, Hampshire (quilt tale)

Bookworm Quilt for a celebrity client ::
‘We were over the moon with our bespoke quilt. Adaliza took our ideas and ran with them, introducing lots of wonderfully heart-warming and heartfelt finishing touches. The finished product was even better than we hoped it would be. Thank you so much Adaliza!’   FB, Editorial Director, Michael Joseph, Penguin Group UK  (gallery)

La Vie en Rose ::
‘I bought my lovely quilt as a commission. It will be a family heirloom. I asked for roses and pink base with pastel colours. We called it La Vie En Rose because that is also one of my favourite songs too (Louis Armstrong or Billie Holliday) and the name fits the roses theme. It fits perfectly with cushions and accessories I already had for my bedroom. We’re changing it back to pink, you see. Adaliza kindly incorporated two fabrics I chose so that the quilt would match my existing cushions and dressing table curtains. It looks lovely on my Laura Ashley cream iron bedstead. I now just have to change the wallpaper, move the table lamps, put the right curtains up. I am very pleased. It is very well-made and high-quality.’  Lilian E-D

Farmyard Quilt:
Oh my word the handmade Farmyard Quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by you has been highly impressive.  I’m so glad that I bought this for my Great-Nephew as a birth present.  You have made me a loyal customer and I will certainly recommend you to others.  Thank you Adaliza, once again.’
Anne Parry, Caerphilly.

Annabelle’s Quilt ::
‘We bought our quilt as a special keepsake for our newborn baby girl, and it really is something she will be able to treasure forever.  The care and creativity that has gone into the quilt is astounding and it really brightens up the nursery.  Adaliza also really cared about making sure the quilt was right for us and her communication throughout was brilliant.’ (gallery)
Ellie & Sam, Hampshire (Annabelle’s Quilt)

Happy Memories Quilts ::
‘I am leaving a belated and whopping THANK YOU for my beautiful 4 commissioned quilts. You know how much I adore them all and that I cried when you gave me every one of them. For you to finish 4 huge quilts in a very short time frame that I gave you was simply astounding. You realised my dream of memory quilts made from the wierdest bits and pieces of fabric that other quilters would not touch with a barge pole, let alone a needle!

You took on this simply mahoosive project during a particularly difficult time for yourself and never once wavered in your determination to do the most amazing justice to all of the beautiful clothing. Your finished quilts with their personalised embroideries were so gorgeous and mine took pride of place on the wall at my recent wedding. Everyone who has seen them has said how amazing they are and now friends are collecting clothing rather than selling it on.
I always wanted to be able to see the beautiful childhood memories and not have them stuffed up in the loft. What you have made for us has surpassed every vision I had and given me the chance to move on with my life and keep my memories in my quilt.
The twins had theirs for their 18th birthdays and my daughter has taken a little bit of home off to university. I could wax lyrical about you all day. I have come to know you well and consider you to be a great friend – kindred spirits perhaps. My love and thanks always.’ Catherine.  (quilt tale)

Quilts for the grandchildren ::
‘We were very pleased with the two baby’s quilts we bought from you.  We gave them to our family members who had new babies last year as a Christmas gift.   Our families were delighted with the quilts and also that you had managed to personalise them for us just two weeks before Christmas which was a truly superb service.
My husband and I are absolutely delighted that we found a special and personal gift that can be cherished and kept for many years to come.  Thank you for the excellent and friendly service which we really appreciated.’  Mrs KB, Hampshire

Rachel’s Quilt ::
I have just collected a beautiful quilt from Adaliza. She has great skill, the quilt is just what I wanted – all pink and pretty – for my grandchild.  Much better and more efficient than using a shop.  Mrs K, Hampshire

Daydream Believer ::
It was lovely to see you this morning.  I wanted to relay to you a very big thank you for the bespoke quilt you made for me.  I am so very happy with the end product and I appreciate it will not have been easy given I was changing my mind on design every so often.  You exceeded my expectations and the quality of the materials and your workmanship is to the highest standard.  I look forward to commissioning more work with you!
DC, Hampshire (gallery)

Withy Hill Quilt ::
Thank you so much for my grandfather’s quilt.  The colours are amazing, so subtle and superbly balanced.  The key you provided gave me great insight into your thought processes when designing and creating this quilt.  My grandfather was speechless and there was a tear in his eye when he saw the name label.  This quilt means a lot to both of us.  Mr AW, London (gallery :: quilt tale)

Bookworm Quilt ::
This sounds absolutely perfect about all the materials etc. You obviously understand exactly what we want and I love how you’ve run with it!
Wow it looks amazing! I’m so proud to have been in any way involved with it, and so pleased that you took the job on – you’re incredibly creative and talented. If I ever need a quilt again I know who to come to!  Major UK Publishing House (gallery)

Pearl Anniversary Quilt ::
Sarah loved the quilt and is delighted. A big thank you from us both.  Mr NP, Hampshire

I’m always delighted when my clients love their quilts.  It’s great to hear ‘WOW’ when I say ‘Now, open your eyes – here’s your quilt’!  Just email me :: shop@adaliza.co.uk :: if you’d like to discuss a personalised quilt commission.


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